Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Captive in the Storm - Part 6

by Edward A. Stanbridge

Here's part 6 of Allison an Christopher's story. Please share it if you enjoy it and leave a comment.

Disclaimer: The persons, places, things, and otherwise animate or inanimate objects mentioned in this short story are figments of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to anything or anyone living (or dead) is unintentional. The following post contains explicit sexual situations and is not intended for a public under 18 years of age.

The sun was shining through the main room's stained glass ceiling, creating millions of different colorful patterns on the cream stone walls. The timeless beauty of the space was accented by the comfort of contemporary furniture and the artfully renovated structure. The 12th century castle was already starting to feel like home. It seemed less intimidating than it had been the day before, but yet, so many things had changed since. The man I loved had rebuilt this magnificent palace, hoping that we would one day live and raise a family within its walls. Well, to be honest, he has never mentioned the family part.

I needed some time to adjust to the new situation myself and knowing how most men freak out at the single mention of the word baby, I didn't want to bring tension to our relationship over it so soon. Besides, I really had no idea what to think about that. I had never envisioned that possibility before. Once or twice, I had fantasized about it, but never really believed it was possible until Christopher had opened his heart to me this morning. I had sworn to myself, at a rather young age that I would only have children when I would be able to provide for them alone. I never wanted to depend on a man like my mother had, putting her lawyer’s career on hold to raise me just to be dumped by my father and left resourceless. She had survived on white rice and stale bread for months because she could only afford one decent meal a day for one of us. In fact, I had never thought that I could one day want a family with someone who would stay with me. It had always seemed like a remote concept that I could address later, much later.

Christopher was walking by my side, beaming like a man who's enjoying one of the greatest days of his life. He was so gorgeous, it all felt like a dream I would soon wake up from, but it was even more incredible knowing it was real. I decided to push the serious thoughts aside and let my man take me one last time before I went back to a life that would forever be changed. I couldn't help but notice that the remnants of last night's sushi dinner had been cleaned, probably by Mrs. Lancaster earlier. They seemed to be a nice couple, the Lancaster’s; both in their late fifties if my guess was correct, very English butlers in their demeanour. A part of me that would never admit it out loud was relieved that they were not some kind of slaves in latex bodysuits and masks that Chris ordered around with a whip. That's silly, right?

With his arm lovingly wrapped around my shoulders and mine around his waist, he guided me down the now familiar path to what, I was sure, was about to become my greatest addiction after him. Well, it was kind of the same because, kinky sex or not, it would never be as good with someone else; at least, compared to what I'd experienced in my rather limited sample. His heavenly masculine smell filled my nostrils, making my whole body attuned to his and my heart raced in anticipation. I had no idea what he had in mind this time, but I had already lost count of the number of orgasms he had given me in the last twenty four hours and I knew there were more to come. He would do everything in his power to make it difficult for me to go back to the city and I was not about to complain; but he knew I would leave because I had to, for the sake of our business. God! Sometimes I hate being good ol' reliable Ally. I wish we could just disappear from the world for a few... mmmmm... weeks.

Christopher unlocked the door giving access to the basement and I immediately felt the tingling in my lady parts as images of the previous night came back, rather vividly to my mind. He walked in, flipping the light on. A warm amber glow appeared at the bottom of the stone staircase, tracing its curve and dissipating the gloom. He gestured for me to enter and closed the door behind me.

As soon as we were away from indiscreet eyes, one of his hands fisted into my hair and his weight crushed me to the door, knocking the air out of my chest in a deep feral moan. His lips crashed to mine and his tongue invaded my mouth possessively, leaving me breathless and dizzy. I grabbed his hair with both hands, pulling myself flush against him, feeling the taunt plane of his abdomen and the rapidly growing bulge pushing against me. I wanted to wrap my legs around him and drive him into me till we both passed out, but my outfit was not cooperative. Damn pencil skirt!

It was crazy, how quickly he was able to ignite me, as if we hadn’t touched each other in months and yet, I was still feeling the delicious soreness of last night’s and this morning’s exertions. I wanted to eat him alive and quite frankly, I didn't care if we made it to the dungeon. I needed him to ravage me, hard and fast, knowing that I would have to wait till Monday night, at least, to have him all for myself again. It seemed like an eternity because since last night, we had barely gone more than a waking hour without fucking each other into oblivion and I had the feeling that we could go on at this pace for a long time.

Christopher pushed his hips forward, pressing his upper thigh and the hard proof of his passion between my legs. My dampness quickly saturated the fabric of my skirt and the pressure over the throbbing flesh only heightened my urgency toward release. I sucked his tongue and was rewarded with a carnal growl that reverberated through my chest. I had never felt more confident in my sex appeal. Knowing that he loved me as much as I loved him was like a triple shot of Viagra for my ego and it had the same effect on my sex drive. In a moment of pure boldness, I bit his tongue.
"Behave," he groaned as his hips pinned me to the wall.
"Where's the fun in that?"

I darted my tongue and traced his bottom lip. He tried to bite me back, but I moved faster and took his lip between my teeth. He did the same with my upper lip and slowly pulled away, releasing the soft flesh just to pounce back and force his tongue inside my mouth with a feral groan and we kissed as if our lives depended on it. Hot!
"You wanna play rough, Sweetie?" he said, grazing my jaw.
"I want you to fuck me, right here, right now." Seriously, woman?!
"Oh yeah? I think you've met your match, Baby!"
In one swift move, he took me over his shoulder and yanked my skirt up at the same time, leaving me butt-naked in the cool basement air. Shit!
"Put me down, damn it!" I squealed.
"What happened to your bravery, huh? Who's in trouble now?"
I tried to wiggle out of his grip, but quickly understood that it wasn't a good idea as he started to go down the stairs.
"You're not playing fair," I whined.
"Who said I had to? Now stay calm. I don't want you to hurt yourself."
On that word, he spanked my exposed ass. The slapping sound resonated in the empty room below.
"Whoa! It stings!"
"Hush!" he said, spanking my other butt cheek.
Heat was radiating from my aggressed skin. With my body already on high alert, I wanted to hit him as much as I wanted him to continue. As soon as we reached the bottom floor, I took advantage of my position and swatted his gorgeous backside. Back at ya!
"Hey! What do you think you're doing?"
"Earning my punishment, Sir."
"Challenging little thing, you are," he said as he crouched down to put my feet back on the ground.
"Yoda? Is that you?"
He chuckled.
"It's Master Yoda to you."
I quickly pulled my skirt down. That little game was actually quite funny.
"Oh, Master. I’m sorry I didn't recognize you. You seem so much, hum... bigger," I said, unashamedly eyeing the evident bulge in his jeans and biting my bottom lip for effect.
He smirked and crooked one eyebrow.
"It's because you hadn't seen the adult version, yet." He winked.
"Oh, I see. I bet your lightsaber is very powerful."

A predatory smile traced his full lips and the intensity of his sapphire gaze was so strong, I almost combusted on the spot. The atmosphere between us suddenly changed. He no longer was the broken-hearted man I'd seen earlier. He was oozing self-confidence and sexual power. He was in his element. Dominant Chris was back. Not that he had ever really left, but I could see him now, more than this morning. My knees immediately weakened. So fucking hot!
"If you're a good girl," he said, taking a step toward me, forcing me to rear until I was against the wall. "I'll show you how powerful it is."
"And what are your plans for me now, Master?" I asked, my voice trembling with need.
"It's a surprise, but I'm sure you'll love it."

Without another word, he took both my wrists and held them over my head with a single hand. My back came to rest against the stone wall and its cool uneven surface sent a shiver down my spine. Holding my hands up, he bent down to reach the hem of my skirt.
"I can smell your wet pussy from here," he growled in my ear as his hand slid between my thighs.
My breath became shorter, faster. The feral tone of his voice and his possessive touch were as potent to ignite my desire as his passionate kiss had been a few minutes before. Every cell in my body surrendered to his raw male power. His hand slowly reached the apex of my thighs and his skilled fingers parted the already swollen flesh, feeling my wetness.
"Mmmmmm," I moaned.
"Whose pussy is that?" He asked, filling me with two fingers.
"Yours. Only yours."
His thumb started to draw tight circles around my engorged knob as his fingers were sliding in and out.
"Good girl. You're all wet for me."
"Always, Sir," I panted.
"You can be so naughty and you like to play. I always knew that you were hot as hell."
"Only for you." My voice was breathy with need and the pleasure building inside of me.
"Damn right, only for me." He sped up his pace.
"Oh yes!"
"You think I can't see your body react to me," he said in a low sexual voice as his hand was driving me closer and closer to the edge. "Your eyes sparkling, your nipples hardening, your breath getting shorter every time I'm close to you, the way you cross and uncross your legs to ease the need."
"Yes, Sir."
"I know when you're wet for me, Ally, and I know that at the end of the day, when you're in your big white bed, you think about me when you rub your sweet little pussy until you come and grab your toy so tight wishing it was my cock inside you." Sweet Jesus!
I was like putty in his hands. I could not deny the effect this man had on me, even in my most intimate moments. My head was spinning from my raging breath and the pleasure he was giving me.
"I'm sure you even had to do it at the office a few times because you were too turned on to work, am I right?"
I was completely out of reality, so hot; I no longer had any shame.
"Yes, yes! Oh, shit, I'm so close."
"Good girl."
He stilled. No! I could feel my heartbeat between my legs, my blood racing through my veins and thumping in my ears. I was panting as if I had just run a sprint. Holding me still against the wall, he brought his glistening fingers to his nose and closed his eyes inhaling deeply.
"Mmmm," he moaned, putting them in his mouth. Frustrating man!
I tried to close my thighs to find some kind of release, but he raised his knee to stop me.
"You're gonna leave me hanging here?"
He flashed one of his enigmatic smiles.
"Hum, sort of." What? It didn't make any sense.
His middle finger slowly brushed around one of my rock hard nipples, sending a pulsing current directly to my engorged sex, triggering a few spasms along the way. I wanted to scream.
"Why do you always torture me with sex to make me say embarrassing things?"
"Oh, Baby, you haven't seen torture yet!"
I gasped.
"I told you, Ally, I like to feel that I have some control over you. When you're about to come, there's no mind game, no pondering the consequences of what you're about to say. I know you tell me the truth, your body always does." Traitor!
"I'm not playing games, not anymore. I love you."
"I love you too, Baby," he said, teasing my nipple again. "You have no idea how hard it makes me to know that you make yourself come, thinking about me." Seriously, I could detonate just hearing him talk dirty to me like that.
"Please, Chris! I need you, now."

He released one of my hands and kept the other in his as we walked to our destination. All the muscles down my belly clenched and a light moan involuntarily escaped my lips when he took the key out of his pocket and unlocked the dungeon's door. He opened it and the divine smell of spices, leather and wild, kinky sex immediately turned my blood into thick, hot lava. He flipped a switch and a single light came to life above his "throne".

Wrapping his arm around my shoulder, he kissed my forehead. "I have a few things to prepare in the next room. I'll come and get you when it's ready."
"Next room? How big is this place?"
He flashed me that enigmatic smile again.
"Anticipation, Baby, is half the fun..." He turned on his heels and disappeared behind the dark red velvet panel at the back of the room.

Even though I was more at ease in the dungeon this time, it still was an impressive setup and surrounded by the shadow as it was, it appeared out of time and out of this world. I was eager to see what Chris was preparing. This man had so many skills I still had to discover and I knew that I would enjoy the journey, but there had always been an intriguing dark side to him that was both fascinating and a bit scary.
Not knowing if I was supposed to undress while he was preparing the next room, I decided against it, since he hadn't said anything. I sat on the artfully carved dark leather chair and crossed my legs, squeezing my thighs a little more than needed to feel the delicious pressure on the throbbing flesh between them. I closed my eyes, enjoying the sweet sensation and imagining all the filthy things he was soon going to do to me. Mmmmm
My eyes flew open and I jumped on the chair, flushing beet red as I realized that my moan had not gone unnoticed. Damn!
"You seem to find the seat comfortable." He smirked and extended his hand for me to take it. He had taken his t-shirt off and everything female inside me screamed for attention.
"Yeah, huh... Yes, it is." I stood up. "Are you ready?"
"Yes, come with me."
I took his proffered hand and followed him. He held the velvet curtain as I crossed to the other side. The back of the room was circular with a series of doors all around, dimly lit by the same LED floor insertions that were scattered throughout the castle.
"Second door," he whispered a mere inch from my ear, sending a shiver of excitation through my body.

Pushing the antique wooden door open, I was struck by the vision before my eyes. As the night before, the room was lit by dozens of black candles casting a comforting light through the scantily furnished, thirty feet wide, perfectly circular room. The stone wall, climbing at least 3 stories high, was culminating to a magnificent fresco on the vaulted ceiling. An enormous 3-level medieval wrought iron chandelier hung in the middle, bringing the painting to life with the flickering light of the black pillar candles. It was breathtaking.

"Pretty impressive, isn't it?" Christopher said, circling my waist with both hands and letting me lean against him as I watched the masterpiece above.
"That's very impressive. What is this room?"
"I think it's been some kind of cell at some point. When I bought the castle, the ceiling was about ten feet high. We soon realized that there was some space missing, so we searched for a way to access the room above, but there wasn't a single entrance."
"The room had been sealed?"
"Why? I mean that ceiling is a work of art, why hide it?"
"Look at the painting more closely."

The central scene featured a male angel with large feather wings flying over a nude woman in apparent ecstasy. She was held at arm’s length by several people in... offering? The angel had dark hair and his strong, muscular naked body was pictured in the finest details. Unlike the most commonly seen angel’s representations, he was sporting a considerably sized erection. The scene was intensely erotic and I was suddenly very conscious of Christopher behind me, his heat enveloping me, his warm breath, his wide chest heaving and the hot steel rod pushing against my butt.
"Mmmm," I moaned, pushing back against him. "I see your point.”
“That’s what I want to do with you, Baby,” he said in my ear, palming my breasts. “I want to take you flying and take you to another world with me.”
I had absolutely no idea what he meant, but I didn’t even care as long as it involved him being inside me. And the sooner, the better!

My eyes never left the hypnotizing painting above as his skilled fingers undid the tiny buttons of my silk blouse. Before I managed to recollect my thoughts, I was stark naked in his arms, except for my stockings and heels, and his demanding hands burned my skin. Every inch of my body tingled under his touch as I grinded against the hard evidence of his desire. There was an indescribable sensation of power in knowing that this sex god was so turned on by my body. For almost the first time in my life, I felt beautiful and desirable. I felt loved. I wanted to give myself to him without restraints, to burn with the all-consuming passion we shared. He had unleashed something inside of me that had been silenced for so many years by the thought that I was not good enough, not attractive or sexy enough for a man to really want me for more than a quickie after a drunken night out.

“I’ll need you to put something on,” he said, before licking my earlobe and grazing it between his teeth, making me clench and squirm in his arms. I looked at him, intrigued, as he walked the few steps separating us from the black, carved, four-drawer dresser. What kind of thing does he NEED me to wear... to have sex?
He opened the second drawer from the top and, setting aside some white silk paper, he took something that looked like a black leather corset out.
“What is this for?”
“It’s your harness,” he said, coming back next to me. “It will hold you suspended in the air.”
I looked at him wide eyed.
“Look,” he said, coming behind me and pointing to black cables coming down from the ceiling on each side of the room. I hadn’t noticed. “These will be securely tied to the harness, so you’ll feel completely weightless. Did you like it when I lifted you in the shower, earlier?”
I spun around in his arms, wrapping myself around him like a vine.
“Of course,” I purred in his ear, grabbing his firm buttocks and pulling him to me. "I was having an orgasm."
“I know, Baby. You'll soon have many more."
Blinded by lust, I sneaked one hand between us to stroke the thick, hard bulge of his erection through the softness of the old denim.
"I want that. Inside me. All afternoon." I could hardly recognize my voice, so wanton and laced with desire.
"You're making it very hard for me to stay focussed, Ally."
"Mmmmm, yes, so hard and big. Give it to me, just one thrust, in and out and I'll let you do everything you want after that," I moaned, popping the buttons of his jeans one by one and sneaking my hand inside to wrap my fingers around his throbbing shaft.
"You know I won't be able to stop once I'm inside you. You're driving me crazy."
A victory smile split my face.
"I want to drive you crazy," I said, squeezing the thick head and working my fingers over it to spread the wet beads of precum.
"Fuck, Baby!" He groaned, pushing me to the dresser and lifting me with one arm to sit me on top. He took his jeans down with the other hand just enough for his impressive erection to spring free. Fisting himself, he rubbed the thick head over my wet folds, slowly spreading my wetness. "How bad do you want it, now?"
"So much. Please, Sir, give it to me. I can't wait any longer," I moaned, clenching in anticipation.
"You have to be a good girl and get into this first."
"Wh... Ahhhh" The question never reached the edge of my lips as he started to rub the hard head over my throbbing clit. How did I get caught at my own game like that?
"Oh, God, anything you want, but please don't stop."
With trembling hands, I took the corset he was handing, trying to find the way it worked, but the sensation he was giving me was so good, I just wanted to close my eyes and abandon myself to it.
"Focus, Ally. I'm not gonna let you come if you don't put it on." Oh, really? Two can play that game Mr HotSex.
"And I won't let you fuck me if you don't help me," I said, pushing him back and resting one foot against his chest. Looking directly into the dark pools of his eyes, I ran my middle finger over my engorged sex, teasing the palpitating flesh and moaning to let him know that I was ready to hold my word. His eyes darted to my glistening folds, the look in them primal and urgent. He took a step forward and winced when the heel dug into his pectoral. "No touching, Sir! This thing ties at the back, so you were trying to fool me."
He exploded into a roaring laughter. "Oh, you're gonna be so much fun."

I winked provocatively, stepping down from the dresser and I turned my back to him, holding my hair up as I propped my ass to tease him. He wrapped the unfastened corset around me and as he adjusted the front just under my full breasts, his thick, hard length came to rest against my butt, sliding between the cheeks. It jerked against my ass; the same throbbing I felt between my legs.
"Mmmm, you have the most gorgeous tits," he breathed in my ear, feeling the weight and firmness in his hands. "I always wanted fuck them and roll your nipples between my fingers, while you suck my cock." Please! Fuck me, NOW!

He made sure the material was tight around me and I sucked my belly in as much as I could, inwardly cursing at every single bite of food I'd eaten in the last month and every time I'd been too tired or too busy to go to the gym. I suddenly feared that it wouldn't fit. How humiliating.

Even if I was about to turn a nice shade of blue and faint, I was relieved when I heard the zipper come up relatively easily and glad that it was leaving me a millimetre or two to breathe.
"Come," he said authoritatively and I almost did on the spot.
Turning around, I was disappointed to see that he had tucked himself back in his jeans, but I noticed with no little pride, that his desire was hard to contain. I climbed on the step he had put at the center of the room as if it was some pedestal he was putting me on. Without a word, he expertly tied me with a series of padded straps and carabineers.
"You seem in a hurry, Sir. What's going on?"
A smirk appeared on his lips, involuntarily, it seemed.
"Are you in pain, Sir? Anything I can do to help? Maybe I can lend a helping hand, or mouth," I teased, pushing my chest forward as he was fixing the upper strap.
"You're such a naughty girl, Allison Cunningham," he growled, his eyes locking to mine. "I can't wait to fuck the hell out of you."

Every muscle south of my navel clenched. He so rarely used my full name and the fact that he was using it at this moment, with this carnal tone was a shock. It was making the whole weekend not just a grown up fairytale, but a reality beyond this castle and its dungeon.
"There, you're secured now," Christopher said, stepping in front of me.

I realized that the step and my heels were making us the same height. He wrapped his arms around my waist and looked into my eyes as if the most important treasure in the world was hidden in the depths of my soul. He slowly cocked his head to the left and his lips brushed over mine, then more intensely. I responded with the same eagerness, lacing my arms around his neck and opening for him. It was slow, tender and passionate, the kind of kiss every woman dreams of having at least once in her lifetime. He slowly sneaked his fingers inside my stockings and started to take them down. His mouth followed his movements, kissing his way along my neck, to my collarbone and over my chest. His tongue traced the swell of one breast before he flicked over my puckered nipple and took it in his mouth, sucking and rolling his tongue over the tip in a way that created a rumble between my legs. I was so wet; I could feel my arousal dripping along my thighs. My hands fisted in his hair, urging him down.
"Seriously, if you don't fuck me soon, I swear I’ll wrap my legs around your neck and fuck your face till you pass out." Whoa! Did I really just say that?! Out loud?
He gave me a wolfish grin.
"Are you mocking me?" I asked, suddenly self-conscious.
"Oh no, Baby," he roared as his hands reached my feet. "I just love how greedy you are for my cock."
"Ppft... I'd be greedier if I was actually having it. You have years of pent up sexual frustration to make up for."
"Oh, I know and I will," he said, taking one heel and stocking off. "Put your leg on my shoulder."

I did as he asked. Seeing his beautiful face between my legs made my belly flutter and my sex burn with anticipation. He closed his eyes, inhaling my scent. When he opened them again, their blue shade had turned dark as the night and they were bearing right into mine.
"What did you say you wanted to do to my face?" He asked with a raw intonation as he wiggled his eyebrows and a smirk curled the corner of his gorgeous mouth.

He did the same operation with my other leg and rose, lifting my ass in the air. I held onto the upper straps for dear life. I was panting so much, I couldn't find a word. He secured my position with another carabineer attached to my midsection, his eyes never leaving mine. Then, holding my bottom with one arm, he passed one of my legs through a padded strap and rested it at mid-thigh. He did the same with my second leg.
"Are you sure this thing can hold me?" I asked, slightly alarmed.
He gave me a reassuring smile.
"Don't worry, Baby, each hook can hold more than a thousand pounds."
"Huh, okay. I guess I'll be fine, then." I giggled nervously.
"How does it make you feel?”
“A bit like a piñata, to tell the truth, but it’s comfortable." I looked up at the way the ropes were tied together and crooked one eyebrow questioningly. “Will you be hanging from the ceiling too?”
A wicked gleam twinkled in his eyes and knowing smile traced on his lips.
“No, I'll be controlling your movements.”
"You like that, don't you?"
"What? Control or creative sex?"
"Both, I guess."
He bent over me and kissed the tip of my nose.
"Yes, I do like both, but nothing beats sex with you, Baby."
"Oh! You're such a charmer."
"You know very well it's true."
I wanted to protest that he'd been having sex with all those gorgeous women who were certainly wilder and hotter than me, but I decided to suck it up and not let my insecurities ruin the moment.
I gave him a sweet smile.
"I know. For me too."
"Now, give me a minute." He winked and disappeared from between my spread legs. A shiver ran through me as the cool air caressed my wet flesh.
“Sure. I’m not going anywhere.”

There I was, hanging in the middle of the room; horny as hell, in something that was close to the gynecological position. Oh crap! Now, I'm sure I'm gonna think about it next time I see Dr. Rosendale and blush from head to toe. At least, he won’t have a problem inserting his spec… Ewww! Ally, that’s disgusting, he’s like 208 years old!

I heard Christopher take his clothes off in record time, then open a drawer. What is he doing? Suddenly, music filled the air, loud and clear. It was cello, one of my favorite instruments, deep and emotional. I had never heard that music before, but I instantly knew I loved it, as if it was speaking directly to my heart. It started slowly and I was almost surprised that he had chosen such a romantic song for something I expected to be more on the hardcore side.

My heart jumped in my chest when I saw him coming back between my thighs, naked. As he moved toward me, the ripple of his muscles was accented by the amber glow of the candle light. He had nothing to be ashamed of compared to the dazzling creature hovering above us, not in any way. My eyes slowly glided over his dark, mussed hair; his perfectly symmetrical face; those expressive blue eyes, dark with lust; his full, sexy as hell lips; his broad shoulders; his sculptural chest down to his washboard abdomen and his awe inspiring manhood, pointed directly toward me. A thrill of excitation tickled every intimate part of my naked body. Oh my god, this is it.

I wasn’t surprised to notice that he had placed my body at the ideal height for him. If I hadn’t been so turned on, I would have giggled, picturing him making AutoCAD plans and calculations to make sure everything was perfectly aligned to his crotch. But the second his hot, hard length touched my palpitating flesh, all my thoughts disappeared, my mouth dried and I stopped breathing. My heart pounded a hundred times a minute and my bones vibrated to the languorous lament of the strings.

He grabbed my hips and I instinctively wrapped my legs around him. He impaled me with all his strength and a loud, strident cry ripped through the room as he hit the end of my body and pushed the last inch further. My back arched and I convulsed, twisting and turning as a mix of pleasure and pain, coming from deep within, took over my body for a few seconds.

When I reopened my eyes, Christopher was fixating me intently, his eyes shining with desire, but concern showing on his beautiful face.
"Okay?" He mouthed.
I nodded, unable to make a sound that would in any case be lost to the music. I fisted both hands in the cables holding my upper body. He responded immediately and moved an inch closer, filling me to the hilt. My eyes widened and rolled back as I felt the pulsing and vibrating sensation over my clit. Fuck! My heart has just moved down there. He rolled his hips and grinded against me in the most delectable way, following the sultry melody.
"Oh God! Chris! That's so good!" I groaned for no one to hear.

My body slowly accommodated him, soaking him more at each movement and pleasure was quickly building in my core. As more cellos joined in the music, he lifted himself over me using the strength of his upper body. He was magnificent. Every muscle of his splendid physique tensed under his soft, sun-kissed skin, showing his power and control. He gave us a swing by pushing his hips forward and pressed most of his weight against my pelvic bone amplifying the vibration through my hipbones. Ahhhhh!

I let go of the cables, letting my head fall back as the pleasure became almost unbearable. He pushed us till we were literally flying across the room. The weightlessness and the height as well as the pulsation and grinding against the most sensitive part of my body sent me into a whirling sensation as my whole frame started to vibrate and spasm around him, giving way to one of the most mind-blowing orgasms I had ever had. The pulsation kept my body on its high as I opened my eyes to take into the impressive vision over me. I ran both hands over my lover’s sculptural body, pulling him into me greedily. His mouth met mine and he started to move inside me at the same pace as his tongue was sweeping over mine. The intense and melancholic music drew so many emotions to the surface and every motion of him inside me took me higher as if I was the moth ready to willingly crash into the flame. I wrapped my arms tightly around him, kissing with everything I had, pulling him inside me faster, harder and as the music came to its climax. I fell apart in his arms, wailing my release to the strident note of the song’s finale.

As a second piece of music started, I was certain that my heart was going to burst out of my chest. My body quaked uncontrollably under him, taking in every exalting sensation as we were floating over the room at high velocity. The physical proof of my release was dripping down my butt and I suddenly started to wonder why he still hadn’t followed me, but then realized that the vibrating ring was preventing him from doing so. He was doing it all for me, probably dealing with some discomfort at this point to make sure that I enjoyed the experience of a lifetime. And oh, boy was I! The second song was more rhythmical, but still as obsessive as the first one. I spread my legs wider and tilted my hips upward as Christopher's pace picked up. He hit that spot deep inside of me that rendered all my thoughts null and void. All his muscles were rolling under his skin, now misted with sweat and glistening under the candle light. I was that woman on the ceiling painting, offered to him, his to possess in every way and he was that dark angel taking me to another world. I knew at that moment, more clearly than at any other that I would follow him to through anything, even if it was the darkest path down to hell.

My core tightened again as he was pounding into me harder. He had to keep us from hitting the wall at full speed by sticking his arm in front of us to prevent my head from crashing into the stone. The danger was only adding to my excitation. I knew I was safe with him, but the adrenalin rush was there all the same. I was out of breath, dizzy from the intense pleasure, the vertigo and the tormented melody of the cellos. My body was meeting his thrust for thrust, my eyes taking in the mythical beauty of the man I loved more than life itself and my limbs were starting to feel numb, as if all my blood was concentrated in one area of my body that was ready to explode. I propped myself up, holding the upper cables and Christopher's eyes locked with mine. The intense look in his deep blue orbs was my undoing and I gripped his stiff length, hard and tight. At the same moment, his feet hit the wall behind and my body was propelled into his so fast, he hit the end of it at full force and I almost passed out from the mind-blowing sensation. All air left my lungs in a deep scream and my nails sunk into the hard muscles of his shoulders as the world around me exploded into fireworks.

When I regained some consciousness, I realized that we had considerably slowed down and the music had stopped. Christopher's feet touched the ground, effectively putting our pendulum movement to a halt. He quickly slipped out of me and took the restraining device off his magnificent cock. It was harboring a deep purple color from all the blood trapped inside. The expression on his face was one of unshakeable determination and I could understand how much he needed release.

"Brace yourself, Baby," he growled, gripping my hips and sinking back into my damp, quivering flesh. The weightlessness of my body allowed him to slide me over his hard length effortlessly and he took full advantage of it. I surrendered to his ravaging pace, letting my body become his instrument of pleasure, squeezing him tight to bring him over the edge. He grunted through clenched teeth and the slapping of our wet flesh filled the room as much as the screams coming out of my mouth every time reached the end of my body and knocked the air out of my chest. His frantic pace culminated in a loud primal cry as he grabbed my hips tighter and emptied himself deep within me, rubbing every last tremor of his orgasm inside my dripping pussy.

He allowed his upper body to collapse over me, resting his head on my heaving chest. I wrapped my arms around him, running my hands through his damp locks as our raging breaths and racing heartbeats slowly came back to normal. It took all my strength not to go into full sobbing mode from the intensity of the experience he had just given me and the strength of the feeling I had for him. I managed to keep it at lip biting and watery eyes, but not without tremendous effort. Damn! I'm not gonna start crying like an over sensitive teenage girl every time we have sex. I really need to get my shit together.
"You okay, Baby?" He asked, resting his chin on my sternum. He looked so sweet with his just fucked face and tousled hair, I couldn't help but smile.

I raised my head to look at him with some difficulty since the back of my neck was starting to feel the strain. My physical endurance had been tested more during the last day than it had been in the last year.
"That was awesome. You're awesome," I said, brushing his hair back with my trembling hand.
"No, you are. It's my goal in this life, to please you, Baby."
That was so cute; I didn't even want to call bullshit on it. He stood up, grinning like a schoolboy and severed our physical connection, leaving me to drip on the floor.
"Wait for me here, I'll clean up the mess," he said, sauntering to the dresser.
"Ha! Very funny."

I was having a hard time not being self-conscious, given the position I was in and what I imagined I was looking like. Why does having your lover wipe you actually feel more intimate than having sex? As Christopher was taking care of my every need and untying me, I started to think how easily a woman could get used to being treated well by such a gorgeous male specimen. I'm such a lucky bitch!
Putting our clothes back on (for the tenth time since yesterday, it seemed) was a long process as it was interspersed by many long, tender kisses and loving hugs.
"You never answered me for the board meeting tomorrow," I said, brushing a rebellious strand of dark hair away from his eyes. "Will you come to the office?"
He rubbed his nose against mine and left a sweet kiss on my lips.
"I'm gonna be there," he said, wiggling his eyebrows playfully. "And maybe we'll be able to sneak out for a nooner."
My lips curled into a mischievous grin. "Mmmm, I do hope so. I'm gonna miss you tonight."
"Will you, now?" He kissed the tip of my nose. "You're becoming insatiable."
I nodded slowly.
"You please me very much, Sir." I winked, running my hand over his chest.
"And you please me very much too."
“Glad to hear it.” I stood on tiptoes to kiss his lips.
“You know what? I was just thinking that Jerome would fall flat on his ass if he saw that painting.”
He sighed while putting his t-shirt back on.
He rested both his hands on my shoulders, slowly stroking my neck with the pad of his thumbs.
“Ally, I’m not sure I want to bring your cousin down to my dungeon, especially now that I’ll be using it exclusively with you.” Glad you feel the need to mention - exclusively.
I looked up at the ceiling.
“Jerome is a damn good art historian,” I protested, bringing my eyes back to his. “Don’t you want to know what that painting means and why it was put there? Maybe he can help.”
He cocked one eyebrow.
“I think it’s pretty obvious what that fresco means, don’t you think?”
I felt my blood rush to my face… and some other places.
“Yes, maybe, but I think there might be more to it. I’m curious.”
“Ally, you’re killing me,” he said, throwing his head back.
He was pondering his options and I wasn’t going to give up. He lowered his gaze and held mine for a minute.
“Okay, fine!” He finally said. “Maybe we can start with a picture?”
I flashed a victory grin that quickly vanished when his stare turned into a scowl. I decided that my best option at this point was to clasp my arms around his torso and hug him tight.
“Thank you,” I said, genuinely happy that he had agreed.
He wrapped his arms around me in response.
“Yeah, like I ever had a chance of not giving you what you wanted.”

I giggled as he kissed the top of my head. Then, he took his iPhone out of his jeans’ pocket and gave it to me. I managed to snap a couple of pretty decent pictures of the whole painting from different angles. When I hit the home button, I noticed that he had 16 missed calls and 28 unanswered text messages. I didn’t think too much of it at the moment since I probably had that much on my own phone. I handed him back the device.
“I don’t want to sneak into your emails, so can you send me the pics and I’ll forward them to Jerome?”
“Sure, Baby.” He punched a few things onto the glass screen and I heard the characteristic sound. “There you go. Sent,” he announced with a smile.
“Thanks.” I sighed. “Now I really have to get going if I want to look like I know what I’m talking about tomorrow morning.”
“Don’t sweat it,” he laughed as we exited the circular room.  “You could chair that meeting with your eyes closed.”
“You mean I would need eyes on the back of my head to see the knives coming along.”
He stopped in his track.
“If MacAllister gives you any trouble, I’m gonna kick his ass.”
I stopped too, planting my fists on my hips.
“No you won’t! I don’t want you to play the knight in shining armor and start a pissing contest with that bastard. I can take care of myself.”
“I know you can, I’m sorry.” He took my wrists and let my arms fall, relaxed. “Blame my inner caveman, but I always felt the need to protect you.”
“I do like your caveman on many aspects.” I smiled playfully. “But I’m a grown woman and the CEO of that company. I never want anyone to be able to say that I make someone else fight my battles for me.”
He set aside the red velvet curtain and gestured for me to go through the dungeon first.
“Who cares about what people think?”
“I care. You have any idea how hard it is to be a woman in the c-suite?”
“Huh, I’m afraid not,” he said wryly, as we took the staircase. “We’re in 2014, Ally. I don’t think there’s an impenetrable glass ceiling anymore. Man or woman, it doesn’t make a difference if the person is competent.”
“That’s how you see things, Love, but do you really think I would be where I am now, if I hadn’t started the company?” I asked, unlocking the basement door.
“You don’t give yourself enough credit,” he said, resting his warm palm at the small of my back as we walked down the hallway.
“I don’t mean that I’m not good enough to do my job. I know I am. What I’m saying is that if I were to meet a selection committee with a bunch of assholes like MacAllister, they would tell me to go back to my kitchen and choose the janitor to lead the company instead of me.”
He chuckled.
“I’m sure Mr Karwatsky would do a fantastic job.”
I glared at him.
“Ppft… Screw you!”
He laughed and I couldn’t help but follow. I knew he didn’t mean it, all respect due to Mr Karwatsky, of course.
“I guess it’s a good thing that we decide who’s the boss and not him, then.”

We crossed the main room and entered the foyer where I retrieved my belongings.
“Sure is,” I said, fidgeting with the hem of his t-shirt. “And there’s one other thing I would like to ask you.” I didn’t know what reaction to expect from him and I was nervous to ask.
“Anything you want, Baby.”
“Can we keep quiet on, you know, us for a little while?”
He stiffened, his eyes averting mine and darting to the wood paneling.
“Why? You’re not sure that’s what you want? I don’t understand.” Shit! I’ve wounded him again.
I took him in my arms and rested my head on his chest, revelling in the heat of his body and the smell of the man I loved mixed with that of mind-blowing sex.
“Of course, I’m sure. I never wanted anything else. I love you so much.”
He released the breath he was holding and closed his arms around me, but remained silent.
“I just want to keep you as my dirty little secret for, I don’t know, a couple of weeks. Just the time to figure out how we’re going to operationalize…”
“Our merger?”
“Well, sort of.” I moved back a step to look at him. “Can we just enjoy each other before the whole company starts exchanging memos about our relationship status?”
He ran a hand through his hair and sighed.
“I see your point, Ally, but I’ve been there before, remember?” There was still pain in his eyes when he recalled what I’d done two years ago.
“I know. It’s different this time. I promise on everything that is dear to me that we will tell everyone and the whole world about us and that I won’t ever cut you off again. Deal?”
A smile traced on his lips. “Deal,” he said, stroking my cheek and mingling his fingers through my hair.

His lips met mine, soft and demanding. I melted in his arms, enjoying the tender strokes of his tongue on mine that were making my inside feel all warm and fuzzy. My hand sneaked under his shirt, caressing soft skin over hard muscles. My body was already responding to his in the most delicious way. I could feel my blood pump in my ears, my nipples hardening against the silky lace of my bra and the warm wetness moistening between my legs. Mmmmm
I broke our embrace.
“Remind me again why I have to go back?” I panted.
“You said you had to, but maybe I should kidnap you.” He playfully squeezed my butt to bring me flush against him and I did the same.
“Oh God, don’t tempt me. Tomorrow?”
“Tomorrow,” he repeated as a promise.
I stood on tiptoes to whisper in his ear. “I want you in my big white bed at the end of the day and I want you inside me when I come, screaming your name.”
The bulge in his jeans instantly grew bigger.
“You keep saying things like that and I’ll fuck you right here in the pantry,” he growled, pressing himself against me.
My breath was shattered and my legs wobbly. How can he still turn me on so much after all the sex we just had? That’s insane.
I took a deep breath, trying to get my senses back together.
“Okay, I’ll put my halo back on and promise to be good… till tomorrow.” I winked.
He frowned.
“I think your halo just took fire a minute ago.”
As I took a step toward the pantry to put my coat on, he spanked my behind.  
“Mmmm, keep doing that and I’ll soon beg for more.”
He offered me his arm as a balance while I was getting into my boots.
“Would you, now?”
“I think I would, yes.” I grinned, putting my Loubis back into their bag.
“Good to know…”

His eyes never left me for as long as I got dressed. I grabbed my purse, shoe bag and my portfolio, ready to go, but I knew that my heart would stay here with him and I would only get it back when he was with me again, the next morning.

He opened the twenty foot high wooden entry door and the smile on his face instantly disappeared, replaced by an expression of bewilderment. My eyes darted in the direction he was looking and my hand flew to my open mouth, muffling a cry of horror. Oh, my God!

To be continued...