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Captive in the Storm - Prequel

by Edward A. Stanbridge

Here's the prequel of Allison an Christopher's story. Please share it if you enjoy it and leave a comment.

Disclaimer: The persons, places, things, and otherwise animate or inanimate objects mentioned in this short story are figments of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to anything or anyone living (or dead) is unintentional. The following post contains explicit sexual situations and is not intended for a public under 18 years of age.

Darkness had fallen over the City. We were still in my associate’s office, on a conference call with American investors; negotiations had been dragging for two hours and I was growing impatient. I undid my hairclip and let the fiery locks fall over my shoulders, while massaging the back of my neck to ease the stiffness in my muscles as a result of a fifteen hour work day and the closeness of the man who had haunted my dirtiest fantasies since our first day of college. Christopher Harrington, tall, dark, handsome... inaccessible.

Seeing him at his very best, fervently pitching our project development skills, pacing the wide contemporary decorated space, his tie undone, his shirt sleeves rolled up to his forearms, I was so desperately hot for him that I couldn’t help shifting in my chair. In the last few weeks, we’d been teasing each other more and more boldly and I was playing along. For him, it was just a game. Most women became a puddle of goo at his feet without him making an effort and I had always taken pride in being the one who wouldn’t be at his beck and call. I think that’s why we’d become friends and later associates. I saw his game but it didn’t mean that I didn’t feel my heartbeat between my thighs every time I caught his eyes lingering over my legs. Legs that I took care of exposing as much as decently possible in a work environment, making sure that my skirt rode high up my thighs when I sat and crossed my legs so he could get glimpse of my garter belt.

He had eyes the color of the ocean in Maui and by the end of the conference call; they were focussed solely on me, their hue turned darker, as if a storm was raging behind them. My breath grew shorter, my blood pumped faster. I could feel his eyes on me as if he were slowly caressing along my calf up my thigh, between them. Oh God! I’m sure he’s good with his mouth. I noticed the swelling at the front of his trousers and had to bite my bottom lip to stifle a moan. My nipples became hard pebbles brushing against the lace of my bra every time my chest rose and fell. I couldn’t keep my eyes off him, unable to concentrate on the other speakers. It was just him; his low, self-assured voice, his intoxicating masculine smell, his muscular body and the aching need between my legs that nearly had me reach inside my saturated panties to please myself in front of him.

I had to get out of that office. I couldn’t play his game when I was so turned on I couldn’t see straight.
“Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. As always, it’s been a pleasure,” said our American investor.
“See you in two months in Berlin, I’ll have the updated blueprints sent to you by the end of the week,” Christopher replied.
“Looking forward to it.”
As soon as they hung up, I grabbed my files and bolted to the door.
I froze. His tone was strong and commanding, making my whole body tingle.
“I have to go… it’s late.”

I took another step towards the door. As I reached for the doorknob, he came behind me, his arms on both sides, effectively trapping me against the dark wooden door. His strong hands skimmed my generous curves, their heat setting my skin on fire.
“Don’t go,” he breathed in my ear. “You want this.”
This is it, the moment I’ve dreamed about for so long. Oh shit!
A part of me wanted to protest that I didn’t like to be a foregone conclusion, but he knew he was right. I’d wanted him to take me for as long as I’d known him. His mouth found my neck and he started nibbling his way up and down, pushing his erection against my ass. I pushed back to show him how much I wanted it, how much I’d always wanted him, and moaned as he palmed my full breasts.
“You want to feel me inside you. Say it.”
He raised my skirt and slid his hand inside my panties. His fingers found the pulsating nub and circled around it, applying delicious pressure.
“You’re so wet,” he growled, continuing his exquisite torture. “Tell me what you want.”
I couldn’t form a word. I was already tethering on the edge. His movements slowed down.
“Say it Ally or I’ll stop.”
“Fuck me Chris… please fuck me now,” I moaned. I knew I would be horrified at that statement later, but for the moment, I couldn’t care less. I couldn’t go another minute without him inside me.

His hand grabbed the front of my panties and the seams snapped under the pressure. He spun me around, his lips crashing to mine and my files crashing to the floor. He fisted both hands in my hair and we shared our first kiss, passionate and breathtaking. I ached for him. My palpitating flesh clenched as he pushed two fingers inside me and his tongue invaded my mouth.

I undid his belt and worked my way around the button and fly of his trousers as he kissed and bit my neck. Taking him in my hand, I almost combusted when I realized that I couldn’t close my fingers around him. He wrapped one of my legs around his waist and teased my clit with the hard head of his cock, spreading my arousal along my cleft. Slowly, he entered the first inch inside my pulsating heat, giving me time to adjust to the sensation of fullness. I wanted more. I wanted all of him. I grabbed his firm ass and I pulled him inside me completely, digging my nails into his taunt muscles, crying out at the overwhelming pleasure I felt from having him fill me after fantasizing about it almost every time I’d pleased myself, for years.

His rhythm was slow at first. One of his hands held my ass to keep me steady while he rubbed my clit with the other, circling around the sensitive knot at a pace that brought me to the edge in no time. I fisted one hand in his hair, maintaining him in a firm grip so he couldn’t stop kissing me and the other grabbed his fantastic ass, pulling him into me harder and faster.

I had never been so turned on in my entire life, desperate for more and not wanting it to stop. Christopher nibbled at my jaw. I opened my eyes and saw our reflection in the floor to ceiling windows with the City glowing in background. My muscles clenched tight and my body quivered as if it was ravaged by an earthquake so intense, all life would be annihilated from the surface of the earth. A loud scream left my mouth without my consent and I gripped Christopher’s shoulders for dear life while he kept pounding into me. I’d never had an orgasm so strong.

He didn’t let me catch my breath before he turned around, still inside me. He took decisive steps toward his desk and cleared it in one swift move. Papers and files spread over the floor, a glass of water disintegrated against the window, but my ass landed on the dark walnut surface as softly as if it was posed on plush white duvet. Soon, I was sprawled on his desk and he took me again with renewed energy. He grabbed each lapel of my shirt and the buttons flew across the room, revealing my sheer black bra. He brought the cups down under my breasts, pushing them up, kissing and sucking before he took a protruding nipple between his teeth and grazed it. I groaned and pulled him inside with the heels of my fuck-me pumps. They lived up to their name, for once.

Christopher righted himself and put both of my ankles over his left shoulder, changing the angle and hitting that perfect spot deep inside. Our eyes locked for the first time since we had started and it was almost enough to make me come again.
“Of Fuck, Ally. You have no idea,” he groaned.
“Chris! Oh, God, Chris!”

I felt him swell, leaving almost no space for him to move, but I was so wet, so close... Nothing had ever felt so good... I was losing my mind. His grunting and my cries echoed against the glass barrier that kept us from the world below. The sound of his balls smashing against my ass, of flesh on flesh, my wet heat enveloping his hard, swollen length; the smell of sweat mixed with mind-blowing sex and his eyes always focussed on me, sent my body and my mind into a whirl of sensation.
“Come for me Baby,” he groaned.

The beauty of his face tortured by the pleasure I was giving him was the final push that sent me over the edge. I grabbed my nipples tight and pinched as my back arched toward him and an incoherent scream meant to be his name came out of my mouth. He came so hard, I felt it. Every hot spurt hitting my cervix sent another spasm through my body and I took everything he had to give to me. He collapsed on top of me, panting, and rested his head between my heaving breasts. I could still feel him throbbing as our heartbeat slowly came back to normal.

At that moment, I knew I could no longer deny what I’d been purposefully lying to myself about for so long. I loved this man. Oh, shit! This is gonna hurt.

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Captive in the Storm - Part 7

by Edward A. Stanbridge

Here's the seventh part of Allison an Christopher's story. Please share it if you enjoy it and leave a comment.

Disclaimer: The persons, places, things, and otherwise animate or inanimate objects mentioned in this short story are figments of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to anything or anyone living (or dead) is unintentional. The following post contains explicit sexual situations and is not intended for a public under 18 years of age.

“Chris, you have to call the police. It’s insane,” I said, shaken by the apocalyptic vision in front of me. Someone - and we both had a pretty good idea who - had scratched profanities all over Christopher’s Range Rover before busting the windows and setting the inside on fire.
He ran both hands through his hair, visibly agitated.
“I don’t want the local doughnut eaters to stick their nose into my business. I’ll handle this.”
“You knew this girl was batshit crazy?”
“Believe me, that’s a whole new level.”
“What? You mean it’s not the first time she’s gone insane on you?” I seethed. “After just a couple of times?”
He closed his eyes and massaged the back of his neck.
“Huh - It may have been more than a couple of times.” His voice trailed off on the last words.
“But you told me… Fuck, how stupid am I?”
He tried to put his hand on my shoulder but I shot him a murderous look, stopping his move in its course.
“Ally, I didn't lie to you. The minute I touched you yesterday, there was no turning back. I told her this morning.”
“You cheated on your girlfriend with me and now you’re asking me to trust you?”
“She never was my girlfriend,” he muttered.
“Obviously!” I said, pointing to the destroyed SUV. “Was she aware of that?”
“She wasn't my girlfriend, she was my slave. It’s twisted. I don’t expect you to understand.”
His revelation washed over me like an ice cold shower. I didn't really know all that it implied. Most of the books I’d read on the subject had been written by women who knew very little about the reality of the lifestyle, just the fantasy part of it and the hero almost always turned mushy after a couple of mildly kinky sex scenes, but somehow, slave appeared to be even more intimate than girlfriend. My stomach instantly knotted and my chest tightened at the thought.
“Try me,” I said, glaring at him.
“Do you require assistance, Sir?” Mr Lancaster said and we both turned to look at him.
“Nothing much we can do, Lancaster. The fire is already extinguished and we’re not calling the cops.”
“May I call the insurance company, then?”
“That won’t be necessary. I’ll take care of it myself. Thank you.”
The prim and proper butler turned on his heels and disappeared inside the castle. I was boiling inside.
“Why are you protecting her?” I hissed.
“Ally, calm down!”
I crossed my arms over my chest and held his gaze.
“This is not the time or place to have that discussion,” he said with a warning in his voice.
“It’s as good as any.”
“Okay, fine!” He exhaled. “I met her about eighteen months ago. She’s into things I needed at that time and I gave her what she wanted in return.”
“Such as?”
“Oh Ally, please!”
I didn't want to let go. I felt like I had to know, now.
“What happened to ‘I love you, Ally’? and ’She doesn’t matter, Ally, because you’re the only one for me’?”
“It’s still the case. What happened to ‘We should stop living in the past if we want things to work between us’?” Ass!
I wanted to hit him, but slowly started to realize that he wasn’t that wrong. Whatever his story with that psycho was, he had put an end to it even before we had our discussion this morning. That says something about his feelings for me, right?
“Okay, okay, I get it,” I grumbled.
He crocked one eyebrow and a smirk appeared on his lips.
“Are we a tiny bit jealous?”
“Screw you!”
“Oh, Baby, I much prefer screwing you.” He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my hair, making any irritation I had left vanish as quickly as the snow on my car had melted under the sun. “You have no idea how sexy you are when you’re angry.” His seductive tone was enough to cause a delicious tingle in my lower abdomen. I hugged him tight, needing reassurance.
"Everything is gonna be alright, I promise."
“I’m worried about you. What if she comes back and tries to hurt you?”
I heard a rumble of laughter coming from deep in his chest.
“Have you noticed that this place is a fortress?”
I pushed away from him, frowning. Smartass!
“I risk nothing, Ally. She’s just trying to provoke me. ”
“Provoke you? What for?”
“Bluntly put?”
I made a gesture, encouraging him. We were well past sugar-coating… or so I thought.
“She’s trying to provoke me so I lose my shit, beat the crap out of her and then fuck her so hard she passes out.”
My eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. My whole body started to shake at the realization of what they were both into. I saw his expression turn to concern, but I couldn’t even form a thought.
“Are you okay?” He asked. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said…”
I raised my hand to stop his trail of words and started walking to my car.
“I need to sit.” I mumbled, mostly to myself.
In a couple of long strides, he was behind me.
“I’m not letting you go before we talk this out.”
I needed air. I untied my coat, letting the fresh air cool my overheated skin and breathed in and out, resting my head against the head restraint.
“I’m sorry,” he whispered.
“It’s okay… I guess… I asked for it.” I looked at his disconcerted face. “So, that’s what you need? All we’ve done this weekend was just… the Walt Disney version.”
“No, not at all. Please don’t believe that. I love you, not her, you.”
That managed to trace a faint smile on my lips.
“Every relationship is different. I don’t want to hurt you, not really.”
“Not anymore…” I whispered.
“Look, Ally, what I had with her, if you can call that a relationship, was twisted as fuck. I wanted out for a while, but I had nothing else to look forward to and somehow, she always managed to get me back to where she wanted me.”
“By making you angry, so you lashed her?”
He nodded. “I needed that at the time. I was so fucking mad at you, at myself, for letting you make me feel so powerless.” He sighed. “She gets off on humiliation and pain, and I mean, heavy shit. It was like a drug.”
I gasped.
“So, you... need it.”
“No! Maybe it wasn’t the best way to cope with what happened between us, but anyway, that’s what I did.” He shivered. “That’s not what I want. I want to protect and cherish you for the rest of my life and give you pleasure every day.”
“You’re freezing. Go back inside, you’ll catch a cold.”
“I need you to tell me that we’re okay.”
“We are,” I said, as convincingly as I could. I wrapped my arms around his neck. “This weekend has been emotionally exhausting, but I wouldn’t change anything. I love you and it’s all that matters.”
He rubbed his nose against mine.
“I love you too, Baby, so much.” His lips, firm and tender, took possession of my mouth and everything that wasn’t his breathtaking kiss vanished around us. Everything is gonna be alright.
I pushed away from his embrace. “Okay, okay, keep doing that and I’m never gonna leave.”
He shot me a devilish grin. Damn sexy man!
“Goodbye Christopher,” I said, closing the door and starting the engine. I cracked the window open.
“I’m expecting sexy underwear tomorrow,” he said.
“Maybe there won’t be any underwear at all.” I winked.
He growled. Oh God!
“Okay, stop it. I’m leaving. Now.”  
I made a sign for him to go inside, but he shook his head. Before I crossed the gatehouse, I peeked in the rear-view mirror and saw him, still standing on the porch, with a smile on his face.


I needed time to think and the two hour drive offered me exactly that. How could I get my head around everything that had happened in the last twenty-four hours without getting dizzy? I was still startled by Christopher’s last revelation. I could barely imagine what he had done with her and how far it could have taken them. If that relationship had been addictive for him, there was no doubt that her feelings for him were possibly as strong as mine. I felt bad for her. Losing Christopher had ripped my heart open and I’d only had myself to blame for my misery. Perhaps I would’ve gone insane too if he’d told me that it was over because he was in love with someone else. Has he told her about me?

I asked Siri to call Ursula’s cell phone through the car’s Bluetooth. I needed some girl talk. Ursula and I had met in high school. She was the tall skinny blonde and I was the chubby redhead, but we’d gotten along immediately. She was now editor in chief of one of the world’s most renowned financial newspapers. She could make big bankers and businessmen quake in their boots, but the party girl in her was never hidden very far. It rang and rang.
“Hello,” an apparently decerebrated woman's voice grumbled.
“Whoa, rough night, Blondie?”
“Ally. Where the hell have you been? What time is it? Damn, I have one of those headaches.”
“It’s almost three. I take it that you girls went out last night.”
“You bet. I called you. Where were you?”
“I had a… ahem… business meeting.”
“On a Saturday night? Spill the beans, girl, I want to know every dirty detail. Please let there be dirty details. I need to know there are more than assholes in this world. Oh, before you start, you want to know about the absolute worst lay ever? It’s a quick one. Pun intended.”
I laughed. Ursula had so many date horror stories that she could’ve written a book about them.
“I’m all ears.”
“There was this really cute guy. He says he’s a comedian, but I’ve never heard of him. Anyway, that’s not the point. He was funny in a show off kinda way, but he kept the drinks coming, so I thought: ‘This could be interesting’, you know.”
“I see.”
“So, we go back to his place and start making out in the elevator. I was like: ‘Finally, I’m in for a good fuck’.”
“What happened?”
“He jizzed in his pants before we reached his floor!”
I burst into laughter.
“Wait, it’s not even the worst!”
“He was all: ‘It never happened before, but you’re so hot’ blah, blah, blah. We reach his apartment and he asks if I want to read his press file while he takes a quick shower. I thought it was a joke, but he actually gave me a binder!”
“The guy is so full of himself, it’s ridiculous. Red flag number two. I should have run while he was in the bathroom, but no, I stayed there like a tart to give him a second chance.”
“How Mother Theresa of you,” I giggled.
“Yeah, right. So, he comes out of the bathroom in, I hope, clean boxers. He was really yummy. Not overly built, but fit, you know. I was glad I stayed. We resume the making out and go to his bedroom. I’m naked on his bed, seriously hot and he kisses his way down so I’m like: ‘Okay, maybe you’re a little quick, but you’re good with your mouth so far’. I try to encourage him downward, but he stops. ‘I don’t go there,’ he says ‘I find it disgusting’. Red flag number three.  ‘Never mind, just fuck me’. So, he takes his boxers down and enters me… crickets.”
“What do you mean?”
“I felt nothing! Nothing! I’m not a hot dog down a hallway kinda girl, I mean I put my pinky in there and feel something, but I couldn’t feel a thing. I almost ask ‘is it in, yet?’, but he starts grinding and grunting between my legs till he shudders… thirty seconds later.”
I was laughing so hard, tears were running down my cheeks.
“You’re killing me.”
“Wait, there’s more. He rolls on his back and says ‘You’re amazing. I think I’m in love with you.’ Gah!”
“Oh my God!”
“Seriously? I couldn’t run out of there fast enough.”
We both laughed out loud like teenage girls.
“I’m sorry that your night turned out bad, but I needed the laughter.”
“Your turn now. Please tell me yours was better than mine.”
“So much better. I still can’t believe it. Guess where I was.”
“Don’t know. I sure hope you were in bed with Gideon Cross.”
“Better than that.”
“Better? Gideon Cross and Christian Grey?”
“Kind of. I was tied up in Christopher Harrington’s dungeon.”
“Fuck me sideways! I just had an orgasm. The Christopher Harrington? And he has a dungeon? You mean like the Red Room of Pain?”
“Not to start an alpha male’s pissing contest, but I think his is bigger.”
“I’m so fucking jealous right now… Is he up to the hype? I’m sure he is. How could he not be? But I’m asking anyway.”
“You have no idea! I lost count. Seriously, I’m so tired… and sore.”
“I hate you!”
We both giggled.
“Ally, are you sure of what you’re doing?” She said in a serious tone. “It’s more than just sex for you, I know that. I don’t want to see you go back into heartbreak territory. I’m the one who picked up the pieces last time, remember?”
“I know, but it’s different now. He loves me. He said it, many times. He even pronounced the word marriage without flinching.”
“He did? Oh, my God! You’re gonna be so happy and so well fucked, it’s gonna be indecent!”
“I know, right!”
“I’m so happy for you,” she sobbed, bringing tears to my eyes as well.
“Hey! Don’t burst the dam, I’m driving.”
“Sorry, sorry.” She sniffled. “No one deserves a happily ever after more than you.”
“You do too, but thank you. I love you millions.”
“I love you too, Sista.”
“Actually, I have to go. I’m about to get into the underground parking.”
“Okay. We’ll grab lunch this week?”
“Sure. I’ll call you.”


My mother and I were living in the same period building in one of the City's most prestigious areas. Christopher and I had bought the beautiful 8-storey cream limestone edifice overlooking the park six years before. It had required extensive renovations to return it to its pristine original condition with a contemporary flare, but we had sold each of the 68 units for a hefty profit. At the end of the project, I had decided to keep one for my mom and one for me. Since it was only a stone’s throw from our office building, it was a practical choice, only a couple minutes’ walk in the summer and I could access by the underground in the winter.
I took the elevator to the last floor and, remembering that I had neglected my duty to feed Snowflake, I decided to rectify the situation before going home and forgetting again. Well done, Ally! It’s lucky you don’t have kids. You’d probably forget to feed them too.
As expected, the fluffy white Persian snubbed my arrival and I only managed to get his attention once I put food in his bowl. He came between my legs, rubbing his side against my calf.
“Oh, so now you purr, huh?”
I put fresh water in his bowl and checked the litter box.
“Aren’t you the cutest thing, ever? You don’t even poo.”
Suddenly, I heard suspicious noises coming from the other side of the apartment. I took a few careful steps down the hallway, listening to the crescendo of grunts and pleas. It sounded a lot like… No way!
I hastily retreated, stifling a giggle and hurried to the door to make a quick exit. Oh God! Sounds like the future newlyweds are in honeymoon rehearsals. How embarrassing?! There are things that children, whatever their age, should never hear, or see, for that matter. Aaron was more or less like my father and I’m sure you could ask anyone, their parents NEVER had sex. Well, at least it ruled out the bad feeling I’d had this morning about her getting cold feet again. Looks like she feels pretty hot at the moment. Eww!

It had always been my mom and I; ever since I was born. Only daughter of a hardworking, blue collar Scottish-Canadian family, she had made her way to university and had moved abroad during her last year of law school. She had worked as an unpaid intern at a prestigious law firm between her classes. Her curvy body and fiery red hair quickly caught the firm’s alpha males’ attention, but she only had eyes for one. He was rich, or so he told her, handsome and extremely ambitious. He seduced her pants off, promised her the moon and it didn’t take long before he managed to get her in his bed. When he installed her in his cramped bachelor pad a few weeks later, she naively thought that she had found her Prince Charming. He didn’t run when she announced, not so long after, that she was pregnant. He even seemed happy about it. To people pointing out that they should get married, they both gave the “We don’t need a piece of paper…” answer.
The more the pregnancy advanced, however, the more distant he became. She bought his excuses about working more so that he could become partner and afford to buy a dream house.  She would never have to work again... That kind of idiocy. She thought it was probably her fault because with all the changes in her body, she felt less attractive. She hoped that it would get better once I was born, but it didn’t. He would go for days without giving so much as an excuse. He made my mother beg to get some money to feed us once she had spent what little savings she had.
One day, her friend Estela knocked at the door, livid and put the newspaper under her nose. The article, featuring a photo of the beaming couple, gushed over the engagement of socialite and daughter of the renowned criminalist Sir Alistair Barclay to the newly appointed partner in his firm, a young lawyer named Lawrence C. Grayson, my father. My mother’s fairytale had come to a crashing end. One would think that it had been the end of our problems with him. Unfortunately, it had only been the beginning.

As I entered the foyer of my vast apartment, I noticed that Noah had left a pile of documents on the console table for me to go through before Monday morning’s meeting. I couldn’t help but sigh. Glamorous life of a CEO, thank you very much.

The dark walnut floor was one of the very few touches of color in my decor. I’d decided to go all white, using texture instead of color to create a warmer space with wallpaper, crown molding, wainscoting on the walls as well as silk, fur and velvet on furniture and accessories. It was my retreat, an undisturbed space and I loved it. First and foremost, I needed a warm bath. I just couldn’t concentrate on anything with the odor of sex clinging to my skin. As much as I wanted to keep Christopher’s smell on me, it constantly took me back to the touch of his hands, the feeling of his mouth on mine and the sensation of him inside me. I padded to my ensuite bathroom.  


I slowly emerged at the sound of a harp coming from my iPhone, becoming aware that I had fallen asleep in an ocean of papers and plush white duvet. Monday Morning. Back to reality. I stopped the alarm and the text message on my lock screen made my heart swell.
‘Good night, Baby. I love you X’
I rubbed my eyes and stirred like a cat.
‘Good morning, Handsome. I love you too. See you soon. Xo,’ I replied.
I was as excited as a kid on the first day of school. I took a warm shower and grabbed an extra proteinated breakfast to help me resist the appeal of those indecently yummy pastries we always ordered from the French bakery downstairs when we had meetings. The last thing I needed was to pack my ass with more fat, especially now that Mr Gorgeous would see me naked on a regular basis. I debated the ‘no underwear’ thing, but settled for my Chantelle Vendome bra and panties in passion red. It would look great with only my burgundy Loubis. Just the thought was making me feel naughty. I decided to wear my black business suit with a skinny patent leather belt matching my shoes. I kept the makeup to basics, but accented my eyes with a bit more kohl to give them a smoky, mysterious edge.

Our head office occupied the six top floors of the 46 floor building that was my second home. The steel and glass tower was the epitome of contemporary design and Christopher’s most celebrated realization. Every time I walked toward it reminded me of the man I loved and that morning was no exception. It was even more intense, as if the world had completely shifted on its axis during the weekend and everything had changed, but remained the same. It hit me at that moment that it was only showing one side of him; the cold, heartless, inaccessible businessman, completely different from the tender and loving man who had finally revealed himself to me. I couldn’t wait to have him all for me again. All the erotic exploration of the weekend had awoken my inner sex kitten and she had become insatiable. How will I even be able to make it till lunch?

I was sitting at my desk replying to an email when Noah entered my office and quickly closed the door behind him.
“Sex God alert! Christopher Harrington is in da house.”
My heart almost jumped out of my ribcage and a grin split my face in two before I recalled that we had agreed not to mention our change of status just yet. Okay, I told Ursula, but it’s not the same.
“No offense, but Damn! If there was any chance of this man being on my team, I’d be on my knees before he finished saying ‘Hi’.”
I laughed uncomfortably, a bit shocked by his boldness. I had to remind myself that it was the usual Harrington effect. Panties spontaneously combusted in his presence… and some boxer briefs too. I used to find it funny, never admitting that he had the same effect on me; not out loud and especially not to my employees. Over the years, we had all witnessed the procession of too many smitten girls convinced that they were the future Mrs H, only to be replaced by a prettier, sexier model-like babe a few weeks later. Why would anyone think it’ll be any different with me? They’d probably wonder how he could’ve gone that low...
“You should have seen Megan at reception try to stop him from getting inside and then liquefy under his stare. That was hilarious,” Noah said, oblivious to my self-conscious reflexion.
“Oh crap, I completely forgot to tell her that he was coming for the board meeting. Of course, you didn’t offer any assistance...”
“Hell no! That was way too funny. I don’t think she has recovered the use of her brain. Not that it makes a big change.” You have a point.
“Well, hope she can get those cogs to work again because he’s coming back.”
“No shit? Really? How much do you bet that she’s spread eagled on his desk by the end of the week?”
I choked on my coffee. I would’ve normally replied that by the end of the day was more accurate, but the thought was unsettling.
“Is everyone here?”
“Yup, all stuffing their face on Danish pastries.”
“Hopefully, some will keep their mouth full till noon.”
“We’re still talking about pastries, aren’t we?” He laughed.
I took a deep cleansing breath and pushed to my feet.
“Let’s go.”
“Did you change something in your makeup?”
“No, why?”
“You look different. Hot.”
“Meaning I usually don’t. Thanks.”
“No, you do. It’s something else… Had a great weekend?”
The temperature instantly rose by twenty degrees. Luckily, we entered the boardroom at the same moment and he got distracted by Megan who apparently required his assistance. My eyes searched for Chris. He appeared at the back of the room, his back to the floor to ceiling window wall with the City in background. I thought I was prepared to see him back in his natural element. I clearly wasn’t. Oh God, give me the strength not to jump over the table and fuck his brain out with twelve other people in the room.
He looked every bit the urbane sex god I remembered being the master within these walls. His perfectly tailored three-piece charcoal suit was accented by a silver shirt and a matching tie that made his deliciously tanned skin glow, and his longer slicked back hair still gave him a bad boy edge. I wanted to touch him so much. All the cells of my body were screaming ‘Take me!’ in unison, but I couldn’t allow my emotions to show in front of our investors.
“Hey, Pumpkin, thought you were gonna bake us some cupcakes today,” the most disagreeable voice I knew stuttered behind me. Do I look like I have time to bake?
I pasted a fake smile on my face.
“Thought it was your turn, Julian.”
He laughed once and sat at his usual place. My phone vibrated on the table. I took it to check the incoming text.
‘I’m so hard for you right now.’
All the muscles south of my navel contracted at once. My heartbeat spiked and an involuntary moan left my lips. I took a deep breath.
"Okay, everyone is here. Shall we begin?" I said loud enough to get their attention. They took place at the oversized mahogany table and Noah slipped in his seat next to me, his iPad ready to take notes.
"Good morning everyone. Thank you for being here. You all received the agenda proposal. I'll have a point to add at the end of the meeting. Do you have anything else to add?"
No one answered, but my phone chirped. 'I want to fuck you over the table as soon as this meeting is over.' Damn!
I squirmed in my seat and took a sip of my coffee to steady my voice. Peeking at Chris over the rim of my mug, I saw him smirk at the other end of the table. Bastard!
"Okay, then, the agenda is adopted. You also received the minutes from the last meeting. Any modifications on page one?" While everyone had their eyes on the page, I texted him, 'Stop it!!!"
"Page two?"
My phone chirped again. 'Are you wet for me, Baby?'
"Page three?" My voice cracked. "Page four?"
"I have a modification on second paragraph of page three," said someone I barely acknowledged. I took the opportunity to answer Chris while Noah was taking notes to make the adjustment to the document.
"Any other modifications?" Our eyes locked for a brief moment and the dark blue gleam in his stare was proof, if I ever needed any, that he was more than ready to call this meeting over and get down and dirty on me. The feeling was all the more empowering. "The minutes are adopted with modification. Now, in the business arising from the minutes..."
Christopher's phone rang. He excused himself and went out of the room to take the call. In the brief instant before he closed his vest, I got a glimpse at the impressive bulge in his trousers. I crossed my legs under the table. If I hadn't been chairing that meeting, I swear I would've thought about eclipsing myself for a quickie in the private bathroom. But with him out of sight, I was able to put all my attention back on the meeting and proceed with the next point on the agenda.

Christopher came back during the presentation of the consolidated financial statements. All his good mood and naughtiness seemed to have disappeared. I wondered what that phone call had been about. The rest of the meeting went by without a hitch. MacAllister was suspiciously quiet and I was starting to think that his doctor had finally adjusted his medication correctly.

"Well, as you've all noticed, Christopher is with us today after a rather long absence. I'm very pleased to announce that his last project has been successfully completed and that he will be back with us."
Everyone applauded, visibly happy to have him back on board. He smiled.
"Finally putting some order into the company," MacAllister roared.
I felt the urge to smash my coffee mug into his smug face.
"Well, Julian, if you'd listened carefully while Ally was going through the numbers, you'd have noticed that our earnings per share have never been higher," Christopher snarled. That's my man!
"I thought you had more important things to do, Pumpkin. Like planning a wedding... Oh wait... isn’t it cancelled?" What? What an asshole!
My blood pressure shot to the roof. What is he talking about? What does he know that I don't? He's probably just bluffing to make me look hysterical in front of the board.
I gave him a sweet smile.
"I have no idea what you're talking about. Maybe you can enlighten us."
The level of discomfort in the room was palpable.
"You don't read the newspapers?"
"I'm sorry. I actually work for a living. I don't have time to go through all the tabloids in the morning." Like you seem to do.
He swung a folded one in front of me. "Here."
Trouble in Paradise. Media mogul wedding cancelled? Just below was a picture of my mother in an unequivocal embrace with... Triple shit!! I knew it!
"Ppft... Hope you don't believe everything you read in the press, Julian." I laughed as if it was the most foolish news I had ever heard. "It's only an old picture and dirty competition between media empires. Don't be a fool." I held his gaze.
He had a sneering laugh, but said nothing more.
I knew the picture was real and he was very aware that I'd received the news as a slap in the face, but at least I'd managed to save the appearances in front of our investors. He had no idea of the extent of my anger and disappointment at this moment. That fucking prick had done it again. Every time my mother was showing signs of moving on, he had to put her back in his bed as some form of mental cruelty. And she fell for it every fucking time.
"Okay. We don't have a date set for the next meeting, so Noah will send a doodle to your secretaries to plan it. If no one else has gossip to share, I think we can adjourn. Thank you everyone. Have a good day.”
We shook hands and they all made a quick exit, probably eager to go read the gossip themselves. I grabbed my phone and tried to call my mother. It immediately went to voicemail, so either she was already on the phone or she ignored me. I decided against snapping at her in a message, so I texted. 'Have you seen the article in the Star? What the fuck is going on?'

"Bad news?" Christopher's voice brought me back to the here and now.
"I'm so fucking pissed right now." I stood to show him the newspaper, but in one stride, he was behind me.
He grabbed my hair at the back of my neck and his lips crashed into mine. His tongue invaded my mouth and I couldn't help but reciprocate. My whole body immediately came alight. I felt his hardness against my ass, pushing into me. His other hand lifted the back of my skirt and slid between my thighs, pushing my soaked panties aside. Two fingers parted my folds and entered me. I moaned in his mouth and grinded against him.
I pulled my head away, panting.
"Locked," he growled. "I need to fuck you hard, right now."
"Oh, God! Yes." I could think about nothing else. I was so horny, I was already clenching around his fingers.
He bent me over the table, still firmly holding my hair. He yanked my skirt up and my panties down.
"Ahhh!" I cried when his hand crashed against my ass. The pulsation in my sex only grew stronger. I needed it so much and he knew exactly how to give it to me.
I heard the sound of his zipper coming down and braced myself for his assault. He spanked me again and positioned himself at my palpitating entrance. I was already out of breath. The anticipation was killing me and he knew it. He spanked me again and slammed into me. I almost passed out, letting a muffled scream out. He did it again and again, slapping my butt cheek when he was almost out of me. Every time his balls smashed against my clit and he reached the end of my body, it sent me further into a whirl of sensation. I was so close.
"Hold on, Baby. I want you to come with me."
He slammed into me again and started to move at a ravaging pace, crushing me against the edge of the table. My legs were shaking and I couldn't even think. My body started to spasm and I bit my forearm to stifle screams as my whole universe got blown away by a mind shattering explosion.
Christopher collapsed on top of me, his raging breath in my ear and his hard length jerking deep inside. We stayed like that for a minute. Or an hour, I couldn't tell.
"Oh, fuck, Ally. I needed you so much," he said, tenderly smoothing my hair. "Still pissed?"
If I'd had any energy left to laugh, I would have.
"Not at all," I managed to say. I couldn't remember a thing. My brain was fried.
"Good." He kissed my cheek and let himself fall back into my leather armchair. "There's something I have to tell you."
Oh shit, that doesn’t sound good.

To be continued...