Monday, October 14, 2013

Captive in the storm part 3

Captive in the storm
by Edward A. Stanbridge

Here's part 3 of Allison an Christopher's story. Please share it if you enjoy it and leave a comment.

Disclaimer: The persons, places, things, and otherwise animate or inanimate objects mentioned in this short story are figments of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to anything or anyone living (or dead) is unintentional. The following post contains explicit sexual situations and is not intended for a public under 18 years of age. 


Christopher led me down a corridor that was only lighted by small DEL insertions in the floor. The angle by which their dim light was catching the stone walls really made the texture stand out. We stopped in front of a wooden door similar to all the other ones in the castle and, producing an ancient-looking key from his pocket, he unlocked it. As he opened the door, he flipped a switch and a diffuse light appeared, showing the contour of a circular stone staircase. Oh crap! We’re going down. My heartbeat dramatically spiked as my memory brought back images of torture chambers I had seen in movies. What if he went crazy in the last two years and turned into Bluebeard?  Nobody knows I’m here... Shit!

I had known for a long time that Christopher was into way kinkier sexual practices than what I had ever experienced. My sex life had always been more on the vanilla side. Sure, I had tried some light bondage and a bit of spanking with one or two former lovers, never with someone who really knew what he was doing, however. I had always wondered what all the fuss was about. Isn’t touching and looking at each other a big part of the fun? Ever since I, like every other woman on the planet, had read Fifty Shades of Grey and too many copycats, I was more intrigued about the dark side of sex than I had ever been. I wanted to try it, but I had never believed that I could one day have Mr HotSex himself do me the honors. During the short period of our affair, Christopher and I had not done anything like that. Our relationship had been so passionate that we had never gotten to the point where we needed to spice things up even more between us. We just couldn’t get off of each other. I think that during the three weeks we’d had together, he’d spent more time inside me than outside. That memory alone was doing things to me that I could not explain.

I knew of his predilection because we had talked about it during some drunken party discussion several years ago and that had fueled my fantasies about him to a point of near obsession. I couldn’t help but picturing him with a cane or a whip, making me obey his every whim. Normally, I would fight for control with him in every other aspect of our life. That’s the way we’d been with each other since the beginning. I loved the energy between us when we went into an argument; it was one of the most arousing things ever. I could see the passion burning into his beautiful eyes, his whole body tensed and ready to pounce. In my dreams, he was becoming so turned on from the fight that he threw me against the wall and fucked me senseless. I had no idea if it even made sense, but I wanted him to lose control over himself and take control of me at the same time. I had always dreamed about giving myself to him entirely and see how far he could get me.

I’d had many lovers and met my fair share of assholes. I’d had a few significant relationships with some great guys too, but something had always been missing. In the end, despite their merits, they were just not Him. I’d kicked myself repeatedly for letting a fantasy destroy my chance at a real relationship, but I preferred to be alone than settle for less than what I felt for this one man who had turned my world upside down with only one look in my eyes, twelve years ago.

Christopher had not said a word since we had left the main room and I was growing more and more anxious. He was holding my hand in a firm grip as we began our descent. I realized that alcohol and apprehension were making me vacillate a bit on my skyscraper heels and the uneven surface of the stairs was not helping my stability. I would normally have asked questions and confronted him on his change of attitude, but at that moment, not a single sound could come out of my mouth. The air between us was getting thicker and his mood seemed to be getting darker as we were going down the stairs. What has made him change so quickly? Did I do something wrong?

When we reached the lower level, I was breathing harshly and it wasn’t caused by the physical effort. You’re over-thinking again, Ally... Breath... Breath...
“Are you cold?” He asked. His free hand caressed the silk of my blouse, sending shivers through my whole body.
“No... I... I’m fine.” I tried to avoid his inquisitive stare.
His fingers brushed the thin material over my shoulder, then along my backside and his palm came to rest at the small of my back, its heat making me tremble even more.
“You’re shaking like a leaf.”
My eyes met his; they were darker and the look in them even more feral in the dim light.
I swallowed. “This place is creepy.”
“Don’t be afraid,” he said in his signature low seductive voice. “I’m never gonna hurt you... unless you ask me to.” Oh shit!
“I’m not afraid,” I lied in the most convincing way I was able to achieve.
Taking a look around, I noticed that we were in a spacious room with a vaulted ceiling. The cave was lighted by amber torch-looking lamps on the walls.
“What’s behind that grid?” I asked, looking down the long hallway that was leading to a single grid door and what seemed to be another room behind it.
“That was originally the oubliettes; they were only accessible through a floor trap, but it’s not there anymore. The trap has been sealed for centuries. Guess some previous owner may have tried to hide something there that he never wanted to be discovered.”
“Oh...” A chill ran up my spine. “Did you – huh – find something?”
“Not yet, we’ve just discovered them with the help of some plans that were hidden behind a false wall in the original dungeon.”
I breathed again.
“I thought that’s what you wanted to show me, the dungeon.”
 “What I want to show you is just here, behind that door.” He smirked. “Dungeons were initially the highest tower of a castle. It was where the safest rooms were located, usually where precious belongings were kept and where the owner had his private apartments. That’s where I built my office.”
“But, I thought it was some kind of... prison.”
“That came later. In early medieval years, taking prisoners was not very common. They had other forms of punishment.” Something twinkled in his eyes at that moment, but I had no idea what it was. “They first used the towers as prison, but it was later moved to less desirable areas like... the basement.”

On the other side of the room was a thick wooden door with what appeared to be a state of the art medieval lock. I swallowed. He started to walk in that direction and tugged at my hand. I followed, apprehensively. He was looking taller and more impressive in this room. The warmth of his palm and the tight contact of his fingers closely entwined with mine were calming, but the fear of the unknown was still there, lurking at the corner.
He sighed. “Come on, Ally. I’m not gonna eat you...” The corner of his lips curled up. “Well... maybe.” He winked.
Oh gosh! Apprehension was suddenly giving way to hot thick arousal. Christopher used the same antique key to unlock that door. I held my breath when the old hinges creaked as he pushed it open. The woody, spicy, very masculine odour emanating from the room made my whole body tingle in expectation. That was the smell that had lighted me up since the moment I had crossed the threshold of that castle. The smell of Christopher and hot kinky sex!

“Wait for me a second while I light the room,” he said, walking in.
“What? You don’t have electricity in there?”
“I prefer candlelight for what I have in mind.”
My heart beat spiked. That smell alone was driving me crazy with need. I heard Christopher move around the room. He obviously knew perfectly how to navigate into it, even in the dark, without bumping into anything. I felt the spear of jealousy piercing my heart. How many women has he brought to this room before? It doesn’t matter, Ally! Stop that romance novel bullshit and enjoy the moment! I closed my eyes to shake off all negative thoughts and took deep breaths of the beguiling fragrance.

When I opened my eyes, I saw the whole room lighted up with black candles, their flame flickering and casting odd shadows on the cream stone of the vaulted ceiling. The back of the room was covered by a floor to ceiling dark red velvet drape, as if there was something behind it. A giant black wooden cross with several anchoring rings was fixed on the left stone wall. There was what looked like a black tool chest next to it. Chains were anchored to the right wall with shackles attached to them. A shiver ran through me when I saw the black table in the middle of the room. Its wooden structure rose almost to the ceiling, like that of a canopy bed. Several cables, chains and pulleys were hanging from the posts and a leather mattress was covering the lower section at about three feet from the floor. The bottom was semi-open and seemed to serve as storage. 
“Welcome to my dungeon,” Christopher said at my side. I repressed a surprise jump. His deep sexy voice made my body vibrate in all the right places and I had to remember to close my mouth before I turned to face him.
He took a step towards me and his eyes locked on mine as he put both hands on my shoulders.
“I want you here, Ally, on that table.”
I was so excited; the only thing that could come out of my mouth at that moment was a whimper.
“I will blindfold and gag you, then I’ll tie you to the table and put music on so the only thing you will have left is the feeling of what I do to you. Do you want that?”
I nodded frantically.
“I won’t hurt you, but I won’t be able to hear you, so I’ll give you a yellow ball to drop if something goes wrong. It’s like a visual safe word, you know what a safe word is, don’t, you?”
I was hypnotized by his magnificent blue eyes.
“Yes,” I whispered.
“Good.” He walked to the door. “You noticed the lock on this door?”
I nodded. He showed me the key he had in his pocket.
“The only thing that opens it is this key. Once I close this door, you can’t get out unless I allow you too. You understand that?
I decided that if I was going to try that BDSM thing, I would go all in. The situation we were now in was very different from what I had envisioned in my romantic daydreams, but if it was the last night we had, I wanted him to remember it and me, so I lowered my gaze.
“Yes... Sir.” I’d never thought I’d feel such a thrill in my belly just from saying those two little words.
I heard his sharp intake of breath and the metal of the centuries old hinges squeaking as the door closed, making me his voluntary prisoner...

“Take off your clothes and put them on the chair over there,” he said in a soft, but authoritative voice, pointing at a large black leather wing chair with nail head details that was facing the torture table. The chair was on top of an 8 inches platform, probably to allow a better view over all the torture stations. What’s that? His throne?
“Yes, Sir.” My voice was trembling with anticipation. Oh crap, this is it! I’m really gonna do it!
My hands were shaking and it took me more time than I expected to undo the tiny buttons of my blouse. I was more nervous and excited than when we had closed our first business deal height years ago and more aroused than the first time we’d had sex. I took off my skirt and stood there wearing only my bra and panties with garters, stockings and heels. I felt exposed and not at all confident in my charms at that moment. I was not the stick thin models with long blond hair I was used to see Chris with, but I had always felt rather confident in the way I looked. My generous boobs and hips were showcased by my gorgeous Lejaby Couture black lace underwear. I had never been gladder to have decided to put it on this morning.  The 5 inches heels of my patent leather Louboutins were merely making me reach his mouth, but they were making my legs look long and shapely. As I was trying to rationalize that I was the one here at the moment, and not any other, I felt his strong warm hands on my hips and grasped.
“You look stunning like that,” he said with a heated tone. His warm palms traveled along my sides, cupped my breasts and his lips brushed against my ear. “Now, take it all off and sit on the table.”
I did as he asked, hyperconscious that his eyes never left my exposed body.
I climbed on the step beside the table and sat. The chilly leather of the mattress on my naked butt cheeks was not enough to cool the burning sensation between my legs. I was beyond turned on. I noticed that he had laid several things on the table while I was undressing. Oh gosh, this is some serious stuff!

Christopher came near me and pushed the step back under the table. I was unable to take my eyes off the shiny black gag ball and the leather straps attached to it. What does he intend to do to me that necessitates gagging, in an empty castle, in the middle of nowhere...?
“I don’t want you to be able to talk,” he said, answering my unspoken question.
“Are you going to hurt me?”
With one finger under my chin, he turned my head in his direction.
“Ally, look at me.”
I did, reluctantly.
“What I have in mind for tonight is mostly pleasure, but I need you to feel that in this room, you are mine and that means that I have total control over your body.”
Every muscle of my abdomen clenched. I was unable to speak. I was feeling as if I had been waiting for this moment all my life.
“Now open your mouth,” he said, placing the ball between my upper and lower teeth. He quickly fastened the leather straps on each side of my head as if he’d done it a million times with his eyes closed. I fought the thought of the numerous other women that must have been exactly in the same position on this table. I sure hope he cleaned that damn leather mattress!
“Are you okay?”
I nodded. He took a black silk blindfold and put it over my eyes, making sure that its elastic band was correctly placed and that I wasn’t able to see the light of the black candles anymore.
“Lie down on your back.”
I did as I was told. I felt him move around me and I tried to calm down by breathing in the most sensual male odour I had ever smelled. Christopher tied one of my wrists with a leather cuff, then the other. I felt him put something in my right hand. A tennis ball?
“This is your safeword, Ally. Should anything go wrong, you just have to drop the ball and everything will stop. You understand?”
I nodded. He tied each one of my ankles with the same kind of leather cuffs and I was glad that they were comfortable, kind of. I was feeling completely helpless. I could not move, I could not see, I could not even scream. My heart was beating like crazy at the thought of what he was about to do to me. That’s it, girl! No turning back, now.
“You’re so beautiful,” he said running his warm palms over my calves.

The sound of his leather soles on the stone floor was helping me situate where he was in the room. I heard him move around, but suddenly, my ears were filled with the strangest music I had heard in a long time, if ever. It started with timbales mimicking the rhythm of a heartbeat and chords, then a deep haunting voice started to recite some sort of incantation in an unknown, probably East-European, language. Each verse was answered by a single violin. A shiver ran through my entire body and my mind started to race a thousand miles per second. What is that? A ritual?!

I tried to hear something that could tell me what was to come, but the music was completely taking up the space. The perfect acoustic of the room was giving the impression that the musicians were right beside us. That voice from beyond the grave kept reciting its mantra, but with more chords, now. I was panting hard, both from apprehension and excitation. My heart was beating a thousand times a minute. I had never been so overwhelmed with emotions in my entire life. I was feeling vulnerable, exposed, completely at his mercy and I had never been one to forgo the control I exerted over every aspect of my life. One cannot reach that level of professional success without being stubborn and a bit controlling, a trait I undoubtedly shared with my business partner.

I felt his warm hands on both my arms, gently caressing their way down, barely touching my skin. They traveled along my extended limbs and continued at my sides, skimming my curves down to my waist, then my hips, thighs, legs and back up to my chest. His fingers brushed in circular movements over the delicate skin of my breasts, making my nipples harden instantly and then his whole hands palmed them, feeling their weight and firmness. I wanted to roar when I felt the tip of his tongue flickering on one hard peak. He took it in his mouth, suckling gently and rolling his tongue over the sensitive skin. I wished he could hear me moaning, but he had made sure he couldn’t hear a sound coming from me. I needed to close my legs to find some release, but that too was impossible in my position. My body started to undulate to let him know how much I wanted him now, how much I had needed him for hours. For years.

He did the same with the other while rolling the first one between his thumb and forefinger. I didn’t care what sounds were coming out of my mouth, I knew that he couldn’t hear me. I was moaning and groaning shamelessly, allowing my body to feel without restraints and the pleasure was all the more intense. He went alternatively between the two, sucking, stroking, and nibbling increasingly stronger. The tingling sensation between my legs was becoming unbearable. I wanted him to touch me there more than anything at that moment, but he didn’t. I had never thought I could feel so much pleasure from my breasts. Nobody had ever played with them long enough and so expertly to make me feel that an orgasm could build from just that. My hips were moving back and forth, my body begging for release. It was both too much and not enough at the same time.

Suddenly, another, more melodious, masculine voice started to sing, still in that mysterious language. At the same moment, I felt a sharp biting sensation. Ahhh! I cried out, almost combusting on the spot. Oh God, nipple clamps! He did the same on the other one. It was not at all disagreeable, nothing like I had imagined those things could feel. It was as if the sensation was intensified and kept at its peak permanently.

His hands moved down my body, to my hips followed by his warm lips, getting closer and closer to my palpitating wetness. Oh, yes ,yes ,yes!  The music was becoming hypnotic, both voices now entwining with the violins. I was panting hard, inhaling that sensual smell that was making me giddy with anticipation. I was tugging at my links to show my impatience, but he continued along my thighs, much to my disappointment. He was reverently caressing his way down, followed by his mouth, kissing, licking and nibbling. Oh please! He did the same on the other leg on his way back up. I was dripping wet. I nearly exploded when his fingers parted my fold and entered me. He tugged on the clamps at that moment, almost sending me over the edge. Then I felt a strange, yet not unfamiliar sensation inside. Vibration. Hummmm!

The slow pulsing of the vibrating egg was in sync with the rhythm of the music. How can he do that? I didn’t care. It was a slow torture, driving me wild. Each pulsation was bringing me closer. I was starting to lose my mind. His fingers traveled along my sex, spreading my wetness and started to draw circles around my clit. I could feel my orgasm building quickly. My whole body was so tense, it was ready to detonate. He applied a light pressure on the clamps, amplifying the sensation. I was pushing my hips up to meet his fingers, but he would not let me have more. Of fuck, make me come!

I was so close and yet so far, I desperately needed release and he didn’t want to give it to me. He’s torturing me with pleasure. Asshole! Another finger moved on me, closer to a place nobody had ever been before. Oh God, what is he doing? No! He gently caressed around the area while he was still doing all those other torturous things. My resistance was failing. I would never have allowed anyone there, but now I could not protest. I was so close to what I was sure would be one of the most memorable orgasms of my life. I had to admit that, taboo left aside, it was feeling surprisingly good. I took a deep breath and when I released it, I felt the alien sensation of his finger inside me. Oh crap! It made the internal vibration feel more intense. My muscles were clenching around everything within, amplifying the waves of pleasure. He tugged on the clamps again and I cried out, convulsing on the leather mattress. Please don’t stop!

I felt his finger leave me for a few seconds then something warm was pushed in its place, something that was reverberating the pulsation of the egg and was spreading it not only there, but upper, on my clit. My whole body was vibrating in sync with the music. The feeling was out of this world. I wanted to surrender to the pleasure and let it take over my body entirely.

I suddenly felt many sharp pinches on my legs, then higher. Holy shit, he’s flogging me! It was stinging, but it was more surprising that really hurtful. My skin was singing under his repeated assaults. The pain, the heat, the clasping of my muscles as I was bracing for the next blow, was making the pulsation more intense. I was about to lose my sanity. Every single inch of my skin was hypersensitive. I was wriggling over the table. How long can he keep me on the edge like that without me going into a cardiac arrest? Every blow was pushing me closer and closer to a mind-blowing explosion. I wanted to sob, to yell. Not because of the pain, the pain was offering me a temporary release from the unbearable pleasure. I want pain to stop the pleasure? Oh God! I’m going completely crazy! What had started as soft blows was now amplifying as the music was coming to its climax. It felt so good, the sting not really hurting anymore, as if my body was getting used to it and needed more to feel the same. As if it wanted more. I was screaming wholeheartedly and wiggling over the table. I was so close, just one more and I would come apart, but everything stopped. No!

I was trembling, soaking wet between my legs and frustrated. I clenched repeatedly around everything that was inside me to get the final little push over the edge, but it wasn’t enough. I wanted to cry, but he couldn’t care less. He had made sure that I would not interrupt his torture session under any circumstances. He wanted me at his mercy and I was there, totally helpless for God knows how long, till he decided that I could come or not and leave me hanging there desperate and humiliated. Motherfucker!

The music started again and I hoped that it would make him finish the job, but nothing happened for a while. My heartbeat was matching the rhythm of the music. My raging breath calmed down and only when the second voice started to sing did I feel something impossibly soft glide over the warm sensitive skin of my left leg. What is it? Fur? Feathers? It was soothing after the blows of the flogger, causing goose pimples all over. Every inch of my body was hyperaware of the slightest sensation. I could feel my blood pulsing under my skin, especially at the apex of my thighs. The soft touch fluttered over my leg, then up to my hip, over my stomach, the light tickling becoming more intense as he reached my ribs. My reflex to move aside and protect myself was prevented by the links holding me firmly stretched over the table. I squirmed under the feathers and was rewarded with a single pulse inside me and a tug on the nipple clamps. Oh yes! I screamed as the sensation brought my arousal back to its highest point. He continued his torturous journey to my aching breasts, making my already hard nipples fight against the grip of the clamp. I arched my back to meet him. I needed release so much, I was on the verge of a breakdown. If I could have moved at that moment, I would have hit him for what he was making me go through. Let me come, God damn it!

He trailed the feathers along the delicate skin of my extended arm, slowly, then up from my hand to the tip of the fingers that were almost bursting through the yellow tennis ball. It hit me then. I was not helpless and at his mercy against my will, I had chosen to do it and I could stop whenever I wanted. I had control. Well, the control he had given me, but still, I had a say. The realization made me feel completely different about the whole experience. I could walk out of it if I wanted to, but as long as I was keeping that ball in my hand, I was giving him the power to do whatever he wanted with me, to make all his fantasises come true. Isn’t it what you always wanted? YES!! I took a deep breath and felt the calm infuse through my nerves. You really are a control freak, girl. You have to learn to let go.

When the music started again, the vibration was there, in time with the music and my heartbeat as the feathers continued their journey over my hypersensitive skin. I surrendered to his will. I let the music, the smell and the sensations take over my body. I moaned as the feeling eclipsed everything around and I became one with everything surrounding me. In no time, I was back near the brink of the blast. My breath was short, my core tight like fist and every fiber of my body ready to snap. As the second voice started, the pulsations ceased and the vibration became more intense, the pressure on the clamps increased. Oh God, yes! FINALLY! Please don’t let me down this time! The pressure of the vibrating device over my clit amplified. My whole body started to quiver. I let out a scream when he pulled on the clamps hard enough to take them off and my orgasm ripped through me, sending me crashing to a brick wall at a thousand mile an hour. I was convulsing on the table. Every time my muscles clenched around the egg, it was sending me over the edge again. Holy fuck, it doesn’t stop! My whole body was convulsing relentlessly, the leather handcuffs biting into my wrists and ankles, but I couldn’t stop. My mind no longer had control over my body. I was crying out uncontrollably as each and every one of my cells was exploding and scattering out of this plane of existence.

The song ended and the vibration stopped. My body sank into the mattress and I thought I might never be able to move from there again. I was so spent. I had never been so tired in my entire life. My breath was shattered. I could still feel the remnant of tremor everywhere. I grasped when he took off what was in me. Christopher untied my ankles and rolled me over, making the chains that held my wrists cross and bringing my hands together in front of me. What is he gonna do, now? I felt him climb behind me and kneel between my open thighs. One of his strong arms came under my hips and he lifted my ass in the air as if I was as light as a feather. He brought my legs under me so that I was kneeling in front of him, submitted to his will, opened and offered for him to take. I felt him against my damp quivering flesh, the warm head of his impressive manhood pressed at my entrance, sending a tingling to every nerve ending of my body. With the first measure of the song, he filled me. Holy fucking shit! I felt an electric current surge from my sex to the tip of my toes and fingers.

He slowly moved out of me and slammed back in, making me cry out in pleasure and pain. He did that again, repeatedly. It was so deep that way; he was reaching my core every time. I was already trembling under him. He increased the pace, holding my hips in a grip firm enough to mark me, but I didn’t care. It felt so good and I was his to take. I wanted his mark on me for days, if only to believe myself that being here with him was not a dream. I was building again under his repeated assaults. He was thrusting into me like there was no tomorrow, his sac smashing against my throbbing clit, his fingers digging in my flesh, his rigid length ripping me apart. I was panting so hard, the gag ball was making it a challenge to breath and I was starting to get dizzy. My body began to shudder, clamping around him as he kept moving at a punishing pace. My orgasm exploded inside me and everything around disappeared.

Christopher kept pounding into me, tirelessly, intensifying my orgasm even more. I was quaking uncontrollably, screaming incoherently and my heart was about to burst out of my ribcage. I could feel his sweat dripping on my back, the drops rolling on my already damp skin and falling over the cliff of my shoulders. Suddenly, he slammed into me and stilled. His fingers gripping me so tight, I thought my hip bone would break under the pressure. I felt him jerk inside as he was filling me, each spurt hitting the very end of my body so hard, I cried out. My body greedily took every drop he had to give me.

The music stopped and Christopher’s hands traveled along my damp back up to my wrists. In one swift move, he untied me and I realized that I couldn’t feel my hands anymore. He took the ball out of my cramped fingers and expertly massaged my forearms and wrists to bring some blood back into my extremities. The intense tingling was at least a proof that it was effective. He undid the straps of my gag and took it off. My jaw was numb as well and it took me a conscious effort to close my mouth.
“Are you okay?” He asked in a soft voice as he took the blindfold off.
I tried to open my eyes, but my eyelids felt so heavy, I gave up.
“Mmm,” I mumbled, unable to articulate a single word.
“I’m gonna take care of you.”
I felt him get out of me and my body instantly started to mourn his presence. He helped me straighten my legs, then I felt a warm liquid on my back and my new favorite fragrance caressed my nostrils. I drifted in and out of consciousness as his strong hands spread the massage oil and brought back life into my limbs.

“Wake up, Sleeping beauty,” a warm voice whispered in my ear while a hand was gently caressing my hair. My eyes fluttered open and I saw the most handsome face I knew. Christopher was at my side, looking at me intently. Shit, I fell asleep!
“Did I nap for long... Sir?” I said prudently, remembering where we were and the implicit rules I had agreed to.
The smile on his face was heartwarming.
“You needed to recuperate; I let you nap for a little while.”
I was almost disappointed to see that he had put his jeans back on. On the other hand, it reminded me that I was still naked and I started to feel self-conscious.
“I brought you a bathrobe,” he said as if he had felt my internal struggle.
He took my hand to help me sit, then he dressed me into the black silk kimono and tied the belt around my waist. I felt like a child. A part of me wanted to protest, but another one needed to be taken care of at this moment. I hated myself for feeling so helpless. That was nothing like the image I was putting out there for the world to see: the strong business woman who runs a very successful real estate investment trust and deals with bankers, investors and contractors on a daily basis.  I had no idea that kinky sex could be so emotionally draining. I was feeling extremely vulnerable. As if a single little pressure could break me into pieces. I needed reassurance that the last two hours had been somehow up to his expectations.
“Did I do okay?” I asked in a barely audible voice, looking at my entwined fingers.
Christopher came closer and took me in his arms, kissing my forehead. I closed my eyes and rested my head in the crook of his neck, my lips brushing over his warm skin.
“I’m the one who should ask you that,” he said, closing his embrace. “You want to talk about it?”
To be in his arms and see him so tender and caring after he had beaten and fucked the hell out of me not so long ago was overwhelming. I loved him so much, it hurt, but I would have died rather than admit it to him. It was just a game he played with dozens of women. The thought was hurting me so much; I couldn’t bring myself to speak without bursting into tears. I’m sure they all end up professing their undying love to him at the end of a scene. I shook my head and pushed away from him.
“It’s fine. I’m fine,” I said, eyes fixed on my lap, praying that he would just drop it.
“It’s normal to feel fragile after a scene, Ally.”
                My eyes darted to his. I’m not one of you needy little things!
“I said I’m fine, no need to spend the evening on the subject.”
He sighed.
“I prepared a bath upstairs. Would you care to join me?”
At this moment, I wanted to slap him for being so nice. How am I supposed to fall out of love with you when you are like that?
“Come,” he said, picking me up in his arms.
“What are you doing?” I squealed. “I can walk. I’m not impotent!”
“The floor is cold.”
I snorted. “What happened to that fabulous floor heating system?”
“Jesus, Ally! Can you please just let me carry you upstairs?” He said, exasperated.
“Okay, fine!” I leant against his broad chest, smiling to myself because we were back to our usual type of interaction and glad that he had decided to carry me because I didn’t think my legs would support me for climbing three flights of stairs, not that I would have admitted it to him, of course!

 To be continued...