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Captive in the storm - Part 2

Captive in the storm - part 2

Here's part 2 of Allison and Christopher's story. Part 3 will soon be released. Please share it if you like it and leave comments.

Captive in the storm

by Edward A. Stanbridge

Disclaimer: The persons, places, things, and otherwise animate or inanimate objects mentioned in this short story are figments of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to anything or anyone living (or dead) is unintentional. The following post contains explicit sexual situations and is not intended for a public under 18 years of age. 
My mind was still shattered by what had just happened in the kitchen and even after freshening up, I couldn’t get my pulse back to a normal rate. My hands were still shaking from the ravaging passion to which Christopher and I had succumbed. Get a grip, Ally! You can handle this! You chair board meetings of a multinational Real Estate Investment Trust for crying out loud! I looked directly into my reflection’s green eyes and I felt my self-confidence slowly coming back. I can do this. I can have a complete night of mind-blowing sex and leave this place tomorrow morning without ever looking back.
Brushing my fiery (thanks to my Scottish origins) shoulder length hair back to its presentable corporate look, I tried to compose myself. He’s just a man, a damn fine looking, brilliant, sexy as hell sex god, but still just a man. You can manage men, can’t you? Men, I could manage. As a young, powerful, elegant business woman, I was in no shortage of male attention, but when it came to Christopher Harrington, everything was different. I knew he could still see the rebel student with unruly auburn curls who wore Nirvana t-shirts over her sweaters, elephant leg jeans and doc martens, not a good image to inspire sensuality and sophistication to a man who used to date stick thin models by the dozen. Thanks Mom for giving me your curvy body when the only man I ever wanted has a thing for cloth hangers!

When I came back to the kitchen, Christopher had prepared a tray with all the stuff we would need for dinner. My mouth instantly watered when I noticed that he had thought of buying sesame Wafu, a Japanese dressing he hated, but that I loved with sushi. I followed him and took the bottle of wine and the glasses along to the main hall. We set everything on the heavy carved oak coffee table and sat directly on the Persian rug in front of the gigantic fireplace. We rested our back against the lavish cognac leather couches, facing each other. Miles Davis was playing a sultry song in background. The crackling fire was giving the spacious room a warm and cozy atmosphere. The flames were casting sensual amber light around as they licked over the hardwood logs and the heat that was radiating from them was matching the fire still burning inside of me.
“So, you never told me if you liked my ideas for the hotel,” I said, trying to overcome the awkwardness of having a casual dinner with my friend and associate after having had the best sex of my life with him, not even half an hour before.
“I think it’s feasible,” he answered absentmindedly while filling both our glasses.
“I thought you liked that building.”
He sighed and I could see some kind of resignation in his beautiful eyes. “I love that building, Ally.”
 “Then why are you showing as much interest in that project as if you were watching the knitting channel?” I shifted nervously. Something felt wrong.
He took a sip of his wine, contemplating the dancing flames of the fire.
“Am I? I think your ideas are great, as they’ve always been.”
“Yes, you are. Aren’t you excited? I mean, we both had developer’s lust for that building ever since we started the company.” Anxiety was devouring me. He seemed so far away all of a sudden, unreachable.
“I know. I would’ve liked to have that opportunity, while I was there, to do the project.” He finally looked at me.
“You’re still there. What are you talking about?”
“I’ve not been around for almost two years; it’s much more your business than mine now.”
“Why don’t you come back? Your project here is done.” That was my goal with that hotel venture. I wanted him back in the business with me, like we used to be before he had decided to take a leave to restore that magnificent 12th century castle.
“I don’t know. I may have other plans.”
“Other plans? What do you mean?” What? No!Are you leaving the company?” The burning sensation in my throat was back. I just couldn’t envision my life without him in it.
“I may have to, yes.”
I felt lost at the thought. Maybe it really is our last night for... everything. Can this really be the end? Is that why he has insisted that I came here today? To tell me that he’s leaving our business?
Christopher had been a part of my life ever since orientation day in college. The minute I had laid my eyes on him; tall, dark, so handsome you wanna stare at him all day with those blue eyes so deep it takes your breath away, I had felt the proverbial butterflies in my stomach. Surprisingly, talking to him had been easy, as if we had known each other all our lives. I had been one of the only two girls to choose civil engineering that year and he had made sure I was well accepted and respected by everyone. He had taken me to an incalculable number of parties and activities to ensure that I would blend in. At some point, people had started to think that we were together, but I had set them straight even if Christopher couldn’t have cared less about what the others were thinking. He had even knocked out a teaching assistant, who was trying to trade sex for good grades with me, at the risk of being expelled. It didn’t take long before he’d started starring in my grown up bedtime stories...
“Oh! Okay. Anything you can tell me about?” I tried to keep a detached tone, even if I was feeling that my whole world was crashing around me.
“Not at the moment. I still need some answers.” Can you be any more cryptic? Damn it!
“Fine, but you have to tell me as soon as you know.”
“I’ll let you know as soon as I have more details. Let’s eat.”

Christopher and I had eaten sushi together countless times in the past and we had always done it the same way, tasting the same flavour at the same time to share the experience. He was looking at me intently from the other side of the table, the reflection of the flames in his blue irises adding to the heat of his gaze. I was near desperate to have him want me again, so that perhaps, he could reconsider his decision to leave and at least stay in the business. I was ready to suffer silently at seeing him bed every single (and non-single) woman in the City, if that meant that he would stay in my life. Absolutely pathetic, Ally! You’re reaching a new low, congratulations!
“Oh, my God this is good,” I moaned as the tastes and textures of the first piece exploded in my mouth.
I looked back at him and provocatively licked my lips.
“That thing is gonna get you in trouble, girl.”
“The same kind of trouble I ran into in the kitchen?” I asked innocently.
He shifted and came to my side of the coffee table.
“Much, much worst.” His low seductive voice was velvet soft.
I swallowed. We took another piece and his eyes didn’t leave mine as we dipped the sushi in the soy sauce and brought it to our respective mouth. A drop escaped from the corner of mine, but before I could wipe it with my napkin, Christopher’s tongue took care of it, sending a tingling sensation to the tip of my toes.
“Humm, this one was so much better,” I said.
He picked another piece and took my hand away from the plate as I tried to do the same thing.
“Let me.”
This was the biggest one we had made and I was not sure I could eat it in just one bite.
“This is too big for my mouth,” I protested.
“I’ve seen bigger things in your mouth quite recently.”
I raised one eyebrow. “I didn’t have to chew it.”
“No, but you swallowed it all right.” Is it me or the temperature here is getting tropical?
“You know that once I have set a goal, I never let go until the job is done.”
“Yes, I know. Open up.” His eyes were blazing with the same intensity as if he had been putting his cock back into my mouth.
I closed my eyes and made a show of flavouring.
“Mmmm,” I moaned as I chewed slowly, throwing my head back.
I opened my eyes and looked at him with a heated gaze. “My turn.”
I dipped a piece and fed it to him. A drop of sauce stained his white t-shirt. This thing is gonna get dirty!
“Oups! Sorry for the mess.”
“Don’t worry.” He moved closer to me, so close that I felt his breath on my neck. “Maybe it will be better if I take it off.”
I grasped. In one swift move, he took the t-shirt over his head and tossed it in a corner of the couch. I took a deep breath to steady myself. O.M.G! If Christopher dressed was one hot piece of male, Christopher naked –huh- half naked, was just... hummm... I couldn’t think anymore. I was unashamedly staring at his well-defined muscles, totally eye-raping him. I didn’t remember him having chest hair before. He probably had it waxed or something, not that I had anything to complain about it back then, but having just enough of it for my taste made him look even more male, if such a thing was ever possible. I wanted to run my hands over his chest nuzzle into it and purr…
“See something you like?” He asked mockingly.
I cleared my throat and took a detached expression.
“Where’s my next bite?”
A smile traced at the corner of his lips. He dipped the next piece in Wafu and put it in my mouth. I sucked on his fingers, making him shift at my side. As I tried to chew without choking, he licked my neck from the bottom up, slowly, his tongue warm and soft on my skin. I was one big puddle of needy female.
I fed him one other piece and did the same, ravelling in the taste of his skin and his raw masculine fragrance.
“Humm, this one is delectable,” he said.
I agreed. He took a smoked salmon nigri and brought it to my mouth, fish down. I opened up, but he didn’t shove it inside as I was expecting.
“Lick it,” he said. “Suck on it like you did on my cock.”
Hearing his dirty words sent a shiver down my spine. I complied eagerly, circling around it with my tongue, teasing it with the tip and gently sucking one end. His chest was heaving and his breath caught in his throat. I knew that the sensation was still fresh in his memory. 
He put it in my mouth before it disintegrated and I swallowed it, remembering the taste of his earlier pleasure. I washed it down with a sip of Pouilly Fumé. I was already at my third glass of wine plus the champagne this afternoon and my head was starting to get light.
I took my last bite’s twin.
“Back at ya, now, show me what you’re gonna do to my pussy.” My voice was way more confident than what I really felt.
He started with a long lick over all the length that made my mouth become instantly dry. Then, he moaned as he gave it shorter licks and flicked the tip with his tongue over the pink flesh. Holy shit, I think I’m gonna come! I looked in awe as his tongue gave the piece of fish more pleasure than many women have ever received and I remembered him doing that on me, tirelessly, the memory so vivid, I could feel it. I moaned.
He looked at me, raising one inquisitive eyebrow. “Anticipating?”
I swallowed noisily. “Hum, maybe.”
He gulped the bite of sushi from my finger as if he were a starving savage beast, taking me by surprise. I emptied half my glass of wine at once, not sure if it was going to help my situation or make it worst. I was about to soak the Persian rug, and not because of a bladder incident.
Christopher took another piece and put it half in his mouth.
“Hey! I thought it was my turn,” I whined.
He did a finger sign, showing that he wanted me to take the one in his mouth. I knelt beside him and approached slowly, cocking my head slightly to the right. He put his strong hands firmly on my hips to steady me, the heat of his palms setting fire to my skin through the fabric. I opened my mouth to let the bite in and his lips touched mine, gently brushing as his tongue slowly pushed the morsel inside. He traced my open lips with the tip of his tongue and kissed the bottom one before letting me go. It took me a few seconds before I finally remembered that I had to chew what was in my mouth. My lips were aching for his. Damn, my whole body is aching for his!
I stayed in the same position as I fed one to him the same way, steadying myself by putting my hands on his strong muscular shoulders. His soft honey skin on top of steel hard muscles felt like heaven on my palms and my fingers were hitching to touch him more and more. He was showing no sign that he wanted to let go of my hips either. He was looking straight into my eyes, as if their green colour was the most fascinating thing he had ever seen. I usually averted his intense gaze as much as I could because I didn’t want him to know the feeling I was hiding deep down, but the wine had given me the liquid courage I needed to sustain it. My heart was pounding so fast in my chest, I thought it was about to explode. 

Christopher slowly licked his upper lip and moved towards me at snail’s pace. I anticipated a kiss, but he reached for his glass of wine on the table at my back and took a swig. As he put the glass down at his side, one of his hand reached my face and his fingers delicately brushed my cheek before moving to my hair as he shifted in my direction, showing what he had the intention to do. Our lips touched and when I opened mine to deepen the kiss, fresh crisp wine poured into my mouth followed by the sensation of his exploring tongue. The fruity acidity of the Sauvignon blanc was a perfect mix with the raw sensuality of our tongues dancing in the delectable nectar. My hands moved to his thick silky mane and grabbed it possessively while he brought me closer to him to make me kneel astride him. I managed to sit on his lap despite my restraining skirt which was now rolled and crinkled very high on my thighs. Christopher swallowed most of the wine, but continued the kiss till we both were breathless.
“This wine is truly remarkable,” he said.
“That was my thought, exactly.”
“Yes, please.”
He downed the remaining wine from his glass and we kissed again, deeper this time. He closed his arms around me as I grabbed his hair and moved closer, bringing my crotch in close contact with the thick hard bulge forming on his upper thigh. One of his arms held me firmly, close to him while his other hand cupped my heavy breast and his thumb brushed over the already hard peak. Oh God yes! He shifted under me and the aching need between my legs became almost unbearable when my saturated panties came in close contact with his growing erection. I couldn’t help but dry hump him, pushing lower and closer to feel him against my throbbing sex while his tongue and his hand were making me hotter than the fire in the fireplace. We swallowed the wine, and I felt the alcohol rush directly through my veins. I was so turned on; I wanted to eat him alive. I sucked on his tongue and bit his lower lips, which was rewarded by a low carnal growl and a forward move of his hips that almost sent me over the edge.
His hand expertly undid the buttons of my blouse and sneaked inside my bra, palming my breast. I moaned. 
“Ally,” he groaned while biting his way down my neck. I threw my head back to give him better access and my eye caught sight of the dim moonlight filtering through the stained glass ceiling. That castle was so grandiose and beautiful, exactly like the man inhabiting it, a man that was mine... for the night.
I was panting and well on my way to take him right in front of the fireplace. I brought one of my hands between us, to his waistband and undid the top button. Christopher caught my wrist before I was able to undo the other ones and my eyes darted to his. He looked dead serious all of a sudden. Something had changed in his attitude, from playful lover to something else.
“You trust me?” He asked, with a tone that showed that he would not take no for an answer.
Oh yes, with my life! “Yes.
“I want to show you something.”
Now?! What the hell? “Huh – okay...”
He helped me get up on my feet and stood beside me as I was trying, but failing at making my skirt look presentable again.
 “Come with me,” He said, taking my hand.
I followed him willingly, but a million questions were coming to my mind at once. Where is he taking me? I suddenly remembered him talking about a dungeon. Was he really serious about that? When he’d said that earlier, I was half thinking it was a joke, but I should have known that this place was the perfect setup to set free each and every one of his... medieval passions. Shit! What if he’s into torture or worst? My mind was torn between curiosity, excitement and fear of what I would soon discover...

To be continued...