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Captive in the storm - part 1

Hope you enjoy this short story written from the female point of view. The second part will be released soon. Please share it if you like it and leave comments.

Captive in the storm

by Edward A. Stanbridge

Disclaimer: The persons, places, things, and otherwise animate or inanimate objects mentioned in this short story are figments of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to anything or anyone living (or dead) is unintentional. The following post contains explicit sexual situations and is not intended for a public under 18 years of age. 

I was not sure to remember the road correctly. Fortunately, I still had the address on my iPhone. How could people live that far away from the city? I just didn’t get it, especially when my long-time friend and business associate was concerned. Christopher Harrington was the quintessential urbane businessman, elegant, sophisticated and as merciless as he was well-mannered. Well, had been, because apparently he had developed a taste for the countryside. I glanced at my businesslike attire, a charcoal grey knee-length pencil skirt with a black silk blouse, and suddenly doubted that I was dressed for the circumstances. It had seemed like a good idea in the morning because I was, after all, on a business mission to pitch a new project proposal and that particular attire emphasized my narrow waist and generous curves, but I was not so sure anymore that it was adequate. Come on, Ally, now is not the time to become self-conscious! I had to admit, however, that when Christopher was concerned, I had always been a little unconfident.

As I drove up the mountain road, I noticed that the property had been seriously groomed since the last time I’d seen it. The 12th century castle had been on the verge of collapse when Christopher had bought it with its 655 acres of land and dependences for almost nothing, relatively speaking. It looked way better now than the ruin it had been two years before. He was so passionate about that restoration that he’d spent almost all his time on this project since, letting me run our real estate investment firm on my own. We’d barely seen each other during the last year, even though we talked on the phone at least twice a week and emailed regularly.

Six inches of fresh snow had come down the previous night and were making the surroundings of the castle look like a Christmas card. I drove up the alley, through the open gate house and parked my black Mercedes SUV beside Christopher’s Range Rover in front of the main entrance. Once inside the bailey, the castle seemed even bigger than I remembered. It was quite impressive with its high stone walls and multiple towers. It crossed my mind that those high steeples were undoubtedly a testament to his triumphant virility. I couldn’t repress a snort.  

Christopher had once said that he wanted us to move in that castle together when it was going to be completed. I knew he was not serious. For him I was just his associate and his friend, even when I had finally given in to my long-time restrained desire for him just weeks before he left the firm to take on that project. Christopher Harrington was not the type of man who could be tied down. He was rich, gorgeous and women were falling all over themselves for him. Humm! I moaned inwardly as some flash memories of our best moments came to mind. Allison Cunningham, you don’t go there!

            Christopher had been, by far, the best sex of my life. We had such an intense connexion that I was not sure I would find anything close to that ever again. I had been falling too hard and too fast for him, but letting myself become one of those whiny, spineless, dependent girls who were dropping by the office in a continuous flow to throw a tantrum because he had become tired of them was out of the question. Therefore, I had told him that I wanted us to remain just friends, with no benefits.  

I hit the doorbell and waited... Half a minute later, the 20 foot wooden door opened and a man greeted me. It took me what seemed like an eternity to process that it was Christopher. I could as well have been looking at an alien and I wouldn’t have looked more confused. My god, I barely recognize him! He was still very tall. Obviously, height tends to remain fairly constant in most adult people! But he looked so different than the man I was familiar with.

The Christopher I’d known since college was always dressed in designer suits, even when he visited a construction site. His hair was always cut to perfection every three weeks, his hands manicured and every part of his sumptuous body groomed with so much attention that if he had not been such a womanizer, one could have suspected that he was gay.

The man in front of me had not had a haircut in months. His shiny dark hair was falling across his forehead almost to his eyes. He was clad in worn out jeans, a white t-shirt and black leather boots. If one had to identify this man, billionaire real estate investor would’ve most likely come last. He looked like a bad boy from the wrong side of the track, sexy as sin. His steel blue eyes were still as enticing and that mouth, oh that mouth…

Christopher seemed genuinely happy to see me. Or is he happy to show me that he nailed this almost impossible reconstruction project all by himself and that he is doing so much better without me? Maybe it’s a little bit of both. 
“Allison, I’m glad you’re here,” he said.
“Excuse me. I’m looking for Christopher Harrington, the man who has his boxer briefs pressed.”
He flashed his signature two thousand mega watts smile and my heart stopped for a nanosecond.
“I think we lost him during the renovation, someone must have chained him down in the dungeon.”
“He probably enjoys it. I’ve heard that he’s one helluva kinky bastard.”
He laughed.
I was taken off guard when he moved towards me and gave me a hug, but I didn’t show it. He smelled good, a very masculine smell, subtle, raw and carnal. I didn’t know what it was, but it was distracting. I had to remember to keep a safe distance between us if I didn’t want that smell to disturb me. There were two things in men that had a direct effect on my groin without any possible brain filter: their smell and the sound of their voice. Since Christopher’s low baritone voice was one of the first thing that had made my knee weak when we  had first met, I had to remain careful.

“The roads were good?” That brought me back from my reverie. 
“Not bad.”
“I was worried that you may not make it, with that snow.” Come on, I’m from Canada! I failed to say, though I never really lived there.
“I can manage a little snow,” I added, matter-of-factly while giving him my coat.
I took my boots off. As I retrieved my patent leather Louboutin heels from the shoe bag, I heard him gasp and couldn’t repress a satisfactory smile. I’d brought them along knowing his predilection for fancy women’s footwear. It somehow made me feel more confident in front of him to be dressed at my best. That was why I’d put on my sexiest French lingerie this morning. In black. Not that he would see it, but it made me feel good. It was a bit silly, really, because I was a rather confidante thirty years old woman, I should not have needed racy underwear to feel better about myself. Chris and I had started with nothing and built a quite impressive real estate empire out of hard work and killer business sense. I was every bit as rich as he was.

“Let me give you the grand tour,” he said, tugging my hand.
The touch of his warm skin created a delicious tingling at the apex of my thighs.

The main hall was absolutely impressive. The ceiling must have been of at least forty feet high and a massive stone staircase was rising to the second and third floor mezzanines. The room was lighted by five colossal medieval-looking chandeliers, but the natural light was allowed to come in by the work-of-art stained glass ceiling. The décor was a reminder of King Arthur’s legends, but with all the comfort of modern life.

“All the floors have a radiant heating system that is powered by a geothermal system we built under the old Chapel,” he said. “We have solar panels on the roof that produce more electricity than we need.” We?
I recognized his obsession with everything eco-friendly as well as his fascination with all things medieval. This place looked like a big rich kid’s playground with armors standing in one corner and swords hanging on the wall.

He then took me to the kitchen, undoubtedly the largest I’d ever seen. Everything was custom made for this remarkable space. The island itself must have been the size of many people’s master bedroom. The maple wood cabinets were stained with a light shade of grey enhanced by a darker patina effect and the granite slab on top of it must have cost more than the average house. There were two very big built-in subzero fridges and two enormous Viking gas ranges. This kitchen was every gourmet’s dream and I must admit that I was a tad envious. No, I’m very envious.

“You don’t even cook!”
He leaned against the island. His strong arms crossed.
“I know, but maybe I’ll find someone who likes to, someday.”
I shot him a WTF look.
“Who are you? And what have you done with my friend, Mr. I’ll-never-settle-down-even-if-my-life-depends-on-it Harrington?”
“People change, Ally.”
His cryptic answer caused a burning sensation in my throat and set my imagination into overdrive. Has he met someone who changed the game? Why do I hate the thought of it so much? He had always been such a player. I never really minded that he had tons of women, but the thought of him committing to one was physically painful.
“I thought we could make sushi for dinner, if you can stay. I have a salmon I caught on my last fishing trip that will make your toes curl.”

I can think of other things that would make my toes curl... Okay, the guy is sex on a stick, you knew it before coming here, get that out of your mind!

“Humm,” I moaned. “If you take me by the sentiments...”
“Great! C’mon There are other rooms I want to show you.”

I followed him around from a three-story-high library the size of a cathedral, crowded with first editions and rare books to several other rooms, all of them vast and high with exposed stone walls in soft creamy tones. The apparent coldness of the place was warmed by the dark wood and leather furniture, Persian rugs and tastefully chosen artwork. We eventually reached a sumptuous dining room that looked more like a banquet hall.

“We can work here if you like”, he said. “We will have more place than in my office.”
“No problem, I’ll go get my portfolio.”
“No, no, stay here and relax, I’ll go. I wouldn’t want you to get lost.” He winked.

One of my contacts at the City Hall had informed me that an historical building Chris and I had always loved would soon be put on the market because the city no longer wanted to invest in its restoration. Well, actually, they had never invested a dime on it and that was the reason why it was starting to fall apart. I was sure that we could make an extraordinary luxury hotel out of it. To be totally honest, I wanted Chris do this project with me because I missed working with him. I missed his matter-of-fact way of thinking combined with his tremendous capacity for artistic creation and his unbelievable charisma. All at once in the same person made him not only a highly valuable asset to our business association, but it was also one of many things that had made me fall in love with him in the first place. A long time ago…

I sat at the table and looked around, appreciating the grandeur of the space. This castle had really turned out to be a dream home, but it seemed so big for a single man. Maybe he’s not alone. The tightening sensation in my chest returned as I envisioned him here with kids running around and a beautiful wife with who he would be madly in love and who would not be me.
Chris came back with my portfolio and a bottle of Ace of spades champagne rosé, my favorite, unmistakable by its shiny opaque pink bottle.

“What are we celebrating?”
“Many things. For one, I nailed down this reno.” He handed me a flute of sparkling pink elixir.
“Absolutely, this place is fabulous.” I lifted my glass in his direction.
His resulting smile was heart-warming. He brought his glass to mine and looked into my eyes. I swallowed.
“And more importantly, the most significant person in my life is here to see it,” he said with a seductive tone.

My heart skipped a beat, but I quickly reminded myself that he did that kind of thing all the time. He pretended that I was more to him than a friend because he knew that I was never gonna fall in love with him; at least it was what I’d led him to believe for as long as we’d known each other. I’d seen enough of this type of guys to know for a fact that if I ever declared my true feelings to him he would run to the hills. So, I was better off playing it down.

“Yeah, sit your ass on this chair so we can get down to business.” I bent to retrieve my portfolio and took out the folders I had carefully prepared.
“Yes Mam,” he said mockingly, sitting his splendid posterior on the deep red velvet of the heavy carved wood chair. “Besides, I still have to show you the dungeon.” He raised both eyebrows suggestively. 

We worked tirelessly for hours. I exposed him my project and showed him the sketches I’d done the previous day as well as the numbers I’d crunched, but as we were getting closer to dinner time, my mind was starting to derail. I was flushed, my heart beat like crazy and I wouldn’t have been surprised if he could have smelled how turned on I was from the other side of the table. Was it the champagne? Our heated discussion? His low sexy voice? Or that smell? Oh, get a grip; you’ve known the man forever, for crying out loud! I had not been that turned on the last time I had had (non-Christopher) sex and it had actually been pretty decent, if not memorable. I must find a retreat to get my senses back together. Bathroom!

Finally alone in the nearest powder room to the kitchen, I leaned against the door with my hands on my forehead and took a few deep breaths to calm down. This was such a BAD idea! What on earth made me think that I was no longer attracted to this man? And why does my treasonous body choose this moment to light up around him? I should have left, I knew it. I didn’t want him to notice my emotions, but I’d just told him that I would stay for dinner and I was famished. I can behave, for Christ’s sake!

The last thing I wanted was to end up in bed with Christopher. I’d sworn to myself not to be that kind of bitch (more to myself than to him) anymore and my intentions had been, huh, were sincere. That would jeopardize our friendship and I would end up losing him. What makes you think Christopher wants you anyway? That’s right; it’s just my crazy libido going into overdrive! Maybe I should just go out tonight and jump the bones of the first available hunk. That would put my mind off him, at least for a couple of hours. I washed my hands, took a deep breath to regain some composure and I went back to the kitchen, resolute to maintain my respectability. 


Christopher had started to cook the rice for the sushi and was busy with the salmon. We had been throwing a lot of sushi parties with our friends back in the time when we were all too poor to afford going out to a fancy restaurant. We used to prepare all the stuff and then everyone in turn was making a sushi for himself and the others to taste and so on until we couldn’t eat anymore. I suddenly missed that period when things seemed a lot less complicated.  
A smooth jazz music was filling the air and our glasses of champagne had been brought along. I took care of the vegetables, cutting the green onions stems to the right size, peeling the avocado and slicing it a quarter inch thick, peeling a mango and cutting it to small sticks. I looked at him, concentrated on his task. He skillfully removed the skin and finely cut the filet with a chef’s knife. I took the opportunity to admire his dexterity. It was a bit unexpected, for he had such a strong muscular frame. One would assume that he would have been better at building a wall with a hammer than in the kitchen, but it was one of his many talents.
I went to the sink and started to wash a few lettuce leafs when he came behind me. He didn’t touch me but the heat of his body radiated to mine and my heartbeat dramatically spiked.

“Excuse me, I have to wash the blade,” he said close to my ear, his voice smooth and low.
My mouth dried instantly.
“Don’t move,” he whispered.

I brought my hands closer to me to clear the lettuce from the sink. His arms encircled me. He squirted some dishwashing liquid on the blade and slowly stroked it between his thumb and forefinger, up and down... Oh shit!

All the muscles of my body clenched at once and I stopped breathing. Why is it so erotic? I could feel his breath at the back of my ear; it was getting shorter, heated. Why is he doing that? I couldn’t believe he would try to seduce me, not after all this time; after all we’d been through. Why didn’t you do that two years ago! Maybe it’s because I’ve made myself so inaccessible, then. He moved forward to rinse the blade under the running water so my back was leaning against his broad chest. Oh please!

“There,” he said when he finished.

He picked up the towel beside me and took a step backward, breaking contact. I turned around to face him; his eyes were blazing steel blue, his expression intense. For a split second I thought he was going to kiss me, but he smirked. The bastard, he knows exactly what he is doing! I chose to ignore him and go back to my task. He was playing with me. Isn’t it totally inappropriate? Every time I was looking at him, he seemed to feel it and our eyes locked. I tried to look unaffected, but probably failed miserably.
Everything was finally ready to roll. Christopher had put the rice outside so it would cool down more quickly. I was honestly considering joining it! He brought it back with a bottle of Pouilly Fumé, the best wine for sushi in my opinion. Its fresh, crisp citrus notes cut the alkalinity of the fish. The mineral spicy silex taste is characteristic of the region. It comes from the soil, a sympathetic winemaker from the small town had once explained to me.
“Do you want to go first,” he asked, his eyes burning into mine.
“It’s been a long time.” I tried not to lick my lips.
“For me too.” I got the feeling that we were not talking about fish anymore.
I took a sip of wine to wet my mouth and I said.
“Ok, I’ll go first.”
He laughed.
“Fearless as ever.”
“Yeah, I’ll show you!”
I took my first nori sheet and cut it in half so it would only make four pieces of the same. I spread the rice on the seaweed and put some salmon, green onions, cream cheese, lettuce and some flying fish roe. I didn’t want to put too much stuff in it, because it would be much harder to roll and to eat. I managed to roll it pretty adequately and I put my right index in the small bowl of water with rice vinegar, than wetted the remaining 1 inch of nori and rolled it completely so the wet part stuck to the roll to seal it. Then, I pressed it firmly, forming it with both hands.
“You know, it’s quite fascinating to see you handle that maki roll.” Where is he going with that?
I put the tip on the chef’s knife in the water, lifted it up, let the drop go down the sharp edge of the blade and cut the roll in four pieces.
 “My turn,” he said, putting his hands on my hips.
I gaped. He moved me aside from the “sushi station” and took my place. I leaned against the island to watch him. He made some salmon, shrimp and tuna nigris. Then we alternated for a few more makis. When the plate was completed, I took it to place it in the fridge. I bent down to put the plate on the bottom shelf since it was the only place where there was room available.
When I got back up, I felt him behind me and the electricity crackled in the air. I closed the door. My blood rushed through my veins and I felt all my senses in alert. I could smell him. I could feel him, his heat surrounding me. I took a deep breath and turned to face him. He had the same expression that he had before, after our sink encounter. I thought that he would end it the same way, but he didn’t. We stared in each other’s eyes and the connection was there, beyond intense. I was literally shaking, overwhelmed by all the emotions that I felt for him. Oh my god! How could I stay away from him for so long?
I blinked and when I opened my eyes, his mouth was on mine. My surprise only lasted a split second before desire overflowed and destroyed my last attempt to resist him. I opened my mouth and his tongue reached mine. Every muscle of my lower body tightened as one of his hand fisted in my hair while the other fell along my curves from my back to my waist to my ass and down my thigh. I noticed his attempt to lift my skirt, but his tongue stroking mine was all that mattered. He grabbed the material in his hand until he reached the hem, then I felt his hand on my fine silk stockings. It went up and his kiss became more insistent as he reached my skin. He was seriously turned on and I was so wet already; I could have dripped on the floor! He ran his hand to my naked butt cheek and placated me to the stainless steel panel, pressing his growing erection to my lower belly. Humm!
I was trapped, I couldn’t move. He was going to fuck me right here, by the fridge. My mind was completely lost between that thick and heavy desire burning throughout my body and the fear that this moment might blow up the rest of my life. Don’t overthink that. You want him, he wants you, you have sex and that’s all, everybody goes back to where they were before, period.
Christopher inserted two fingers in my panties to caress my sex. A feral groan, low in his throat resonated through my chest as his fingers felt my arousal. He sank them inside me while his thumb stroked against my clit, hard and a sharp pleasure radiated to every nerve endings of my shameless body. Oh, my god, I’m going to come! Already! My body won hands down his battle with my consciousness. I lost all sense of reality. I was his to do whatever he pleased. His tongue stroked mine in the most sexual kiss I’d ever received while he pleased me with his hand. I felt surrounded by him, besieged and the feeling was exquisite. I surrendered in his arms as the pulsation in my sex radiated through my body and my orgasm washed over all the sexual tension of the day in delightful waves.
The next thing I knew, he slammed into me. Aaahhh! The last part of my brain that was not completely overridden by the tide of sensations wondered how he had gotten out of his pants, but right now, I couldn’t care less. The feeling was out of this world, borderline between pleasure and pain. Christopher was at the highest end of what my body was able to accommodate in terms of magnitude. How could I possibly stop having sex with this man, ever? I was not used to have something this huge inside me anymore. Christopher was in a league of his own, is large muscular body was in perfect acquaintance with his impressive erection.
I had both legs strapped around him, my hands holding his shoulders firmly, my heels probably scratching his gorgeous ass. He was pushing me against the fridge, thrusting in my wet swollen flesh. I could feel the cold metal of the appliance on my back, the heat of his hard cock between my legs, the pressure, the fullness and the shock. Every time he shoved his conquering manhood into me, it lifted me up, then my body moved down a few inches when he pulled out and he crashed into me again before I reached my low, amplifying the effect at every plunge. I pushed my hips forward to feel even more, meeting him. I wanted him to my core.
He was thrusting into me, so hard that I cried out at every push. He was not holding anything back. This was not just a fuck, this was what? Punishment? Vengeance?  He is going to rip me apart! I was losing my mind. I was so close again and it had only been a few minutes. All my thoughts disappeared. This was just him and me, the slap of his balls on my ass, our erratic breaths, my moaning and his groaning. This was so good. All my body tensed and I started to quiver. The blast spread from my sex to my belly to every part of my body and my orgasm exploded around him. He was so big that every pulse around his cock made me cry with pleasure. I grasped his shoulders, my nails digging in his t-shirt and probably his skin too.
My orgasm went on and on. I whimpered and trembled, voicing my ecstasy. He was thrusting into me harder and harder. This was absolutely mind-blowing. I was still convulsing when he pushed into me once more and stilled, crying out a primal, carnal lament as he spilled into me, struck by a violent orgasm.
When I regained consciousness, I noticed that we had dropped to the floor. He had gotten down on his knees. My legs were not wrapped around him anymore. I was kneeling astride him. We were damp and exhausted after the storm that had blasted us. Fortunately, the fridge was built in the wall. I don’t think a regular piece of equipment would have gone through this scene without creating a gigantic mess.
This had definitely been one of the greatest outbursts of passion that I ever had. I was still panting and would not even have been able state my name if asked to. My brain was out of function, shorted by pleasure overload. The mix of emotion and tension release was too much to take and tears came to my eyes. I couldn’t repress a sob. Oh no!
“Ally, I’m sorry,” he said tenderly. “Did I hurt you?”
I shook my head as I hugged him, unable to speak. He hugged me back, caressing my hair.
“I’m so sorry, I lost it.” He rocked me gently. Oh boy, I lost it too!
I finally calmed down. My breathing became more regular.
“It was so intense,” I finally managed to say against his shoulder.“I missed you.”
I immediately regretted my display of emotion. But I had to admit that I had missed him a lot more than I had ever thought possible.
“I missed you too.”
I held him tighter as we both rocked slowly, lost in our own world. A part of me was happy that he had missed me, but my left brain kicked in and I started to realize the possible implications of what we had just done. Oh shit, I’m in trouble!
Slowly, I became aware that he was still inside me and that his erection was halfway back. I could feel him growing longer and thicker. That distracted me from my rational thoughts. I felt desire flaming back inside. Oh yes, I want you again!
With my head still on his shoulder, I kissed his neck, then up to his ear. He was getting harder. I gently sucked his earlobe. He moaned and picked up the rhythm slightly. I almost imperceptibly moved my hips forward and backward to feel him more. I trailed kisses along his jaw and found his mouth. My hand in his hair, I kissed him passionately. His tongue met mine with eagerness. Oh yes, this is so good! I was building up already, marveling at the sensation of fullness. He stopped. No! What? I was panting. Needing.
He gently caressed my face and looked me in the eyes.
            “Not here,” he said feverishly, with that feral low voice. “I want you in my bed.”
His eyes were shining a dark heated blue. I think we were perfectly okay on the floor or anywhere else for that matter. Right now, I would have taken him in a dump truck if it had been the only place available!
            “We are not teenagers anymore.” He eased out of me and rose up nimbly.
I stayed on the floor for a few seconds just to look at him, half naked with his awe inspiring erection pointed towards me.
“You are in great shape,” I said, looking appreciatively, lustfully, from his face to his rigid cock and back to his eyes as desire rushed to my groin again.
Not letting him the time to pull up his jeans, I grabbed him in my hand and stroked him, helped by the lubrication provided by of our mixed body fluids. I ran my tongue up and down his length, following the movement of my hand.
“Oh fuck, Ally,” he groaned.
I took him in my mouth, the salty taste and the musky smell turning me on even more. I sucked him hard, while working my hand on him. He was instantly hard as steel. I felt the engorged veins on my tongue and the taste of his precum as I increased the pace.
“Oh shit, baby, nobody sucks me like you do.”
As I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock, the edge of his corona became harder and I knew that he was getting close. He was panting hard, his length quivering in my hand. Right now, I was the one with the power. I moaned to let him feel how much I enjoyed it and the sound vibrated on his cock.
“Oh, fuck!”
Suddenly, he filled my mouth so forcefully I almost choked and I took every drop of it. I didn’t let him go until his cock stopped jerking and I had sucked him completely dry. I sat back on my legs and watched him as he came back to his senses. He was so handsome, so sexual, so exactly what I need to feel satisfied. Life is so unfair. He gave me both his hands and raised me to my feet. He put his jeans back up while I straightened my ruffled skirt. He didn’t speak and I started feeling ill at ease. Oh shit, I’ve ruined everything! He probably wanted me to get the fuck out of his sight now that he had emptied himself and I didn’t want to give him the opportunity to reject me. I looked away from him and started talking way too fast.
“Well, thanks for the tour and everything. That was –hum- interesting, but I have to go now. I’ll keep you posted on the project and...”
He grabbed my shoulder firmly and his lips crashed on mine, effectively silencing me. One of his hands was at my nape while the other smashed me to his chest. He forced his tongue in my mouth and all I could do was surrender to his will and the pleasure of his taste. I started to wonder if he was going to take me again. At this moment, there was nothing I wanted more than to have him inside me, even if it was just prolonging a pipe dream that I had been nursing for way too long. What the hell is going on with him, I’ve never seen him like that.
When he released me, I was out of breath and my legs were shaking.
“You’re not going anywhere,” he growled. “I’m nowhere near finished with you.” His jaw was tense and his eyes were flashing a dangerous shade of blue.
Everything in his expression was menacing and I shivered, part alarmed that he seemed so possessive all of a sudden, but mostly excited by the possibilities underneath those words.
He took me in his arms and tenderly smoothed the unruly strands of my hair while I wrapped my arms around him and rested my head against his strong muscular chest, listening to his regular heartbeat. I inhaled his scent like it was the last puff of oxygen in the universe. I could’ve stayed like that forever. This is gonna hurt so much more this time...
“It started snowing again,” he said softly. “Please stay. The roads will be dangerous tonight.”
I should’ve felt relieved that he just wanted me to stay because he was concerned with my safety and didn’t seem to intend on sequestering me in his dungeon as a sexual slave. Why do I feel as if someone had just died?
“Do you mind if we eat in the main hall? I had Lancaster light the fireplace while we were cooking.”
I hastily pushed away from his embrace. “There are other people here?”
“Sure, I don’t take care of this place all by myself.”
“Are you crazy? We just had sex in the middle of the kitchen!”
“So?” He raised one eyebrow.
“So,” I almost shouted. “Jesus H. Christ, are you totally insane? What if one of your employees had walked on us?” As I said it, I realized that they had probably walked on much, much worst.
He looked amused.
“Ally, there’s no one else here. I've sent everyone off for the week-end and I told Lancaster that he could retreat to his apartments after lighting up the fireplace.” He took a step in my direction and a seductive smile traced on his lips.
“Besides, that could have given him some ideas to warm up Mrs Lancaster, don’t you think?”
“You’re impossible,” I sighed, shaking my head.
I left him for a few minutes to freshen up in the nearby powder room. As I walked, I could feel his semen wetting my panties. Oh shit, this is so arousing. Every muscle south of my waist pulsed deliciously. I can’t wait to feel him again! I glanced at myself in the mirror. That was one horny creature; tousled hair, open cleavage, smudged eyes (thanks to the waterproof makeup!), plumped lips, swollen by his less than delicate kissing. This man could turn me into a sexual beast just by looking into my eyes. The list of the things I would have liked to do to him was endless. He had asked me to stay, if only for my safety and I resolved to make the most out of the last night I would ever spend with him...

To be continued...

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Diplomatic Secrets - Teaser

The following is a teaser of my upcoming novel Diplomatic Secrets. Please note that it may be modified or may not be included in the final version. Hope you will enjoy it.

Diplomatic Secrets - Teaser

by Edward A. Stanbridge
Disclaimer: The persons, places, things, and otherwise animate or inanimate objects mentioned in this short story are figments of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to anything or anyone living (or dead) is unintentional. The following post contains explicit sexual situations and is not intended for a public under 18 years of age. 
I woke up from an agitated sleep and sat up in the bed. It took a few seconds before I recalled where I was. A dim light was filtering through the heavy brocade drapes of the Presidential suite. Victoria was fast asleep beside me, hugging her pillow, her dark hair contrasting with her creamy skin and the white Egyptian cotton of the bedding sheets. She looked so peaceful, heart-stoppingly beautiful. I repressed the need to kiss her slightly opened lips because I didn’t want to wake her up. Even though we had made love the night before and it was highly pleasurable, my desire for her was not fully sated. I don’t think it ever will be. A look at the alarm clock on the bedside table informed me that it was four thirty five. Our first meeting was at nine, but we had a staff meeting at eight. I should’ve gone back to sleep for a couple of hours, but I knew that if I stayed in bed with her, naked beside me, it would not happen. The longing was already there, changing the distribution of blood in my body, so I decided to go to the living room to read the newspapers and watch the sunrise over the Red Square. I moved slowly to the side of the bed.
“Hmm. Where are you going?” She mumbled.
“I can’t sleep. I’ll go to the living room.”
“Not in this condition.” I felt her hand move along my thigh to the bulge created by my engorged member.
“Hmm” I moaned, moving closer to her while her fingers closed around me.
“I was dreaming about you.” She was stroking me slowly, the soft skin of her palm, making me instantly harder.
“Were you, now?” I said, half-mockingly.
“See for yourself.” She took my hand in hers, leading it to the apex of her thighs. She was warm and wet before I had even touched her. Maybe she really was dreaming about me. I discarded all remaining thoughts and focused on the most sensitive part of her body. I teased her with my finger, circling around the responsive flesh. She moaned and parted her legs as an invitation. I slipped one finger inside her, slowly, pleasing her with my thumb. Her breathing accelerated. I inserted another, moving into her delectable wetness.
“Hmm.” She moaned when I gently sucked one hard nipple, lapping it with my tongue. The warmth of the bed sheets, the smell of her arousal and the delicate torture of her hand moving along my shaft turned my blood to liquid fire. I was not going to last long at this pace.
“I want you inside me.” She breathed, mirroring my thought. She squirmed along my body, pushing her hips to meet my hand but I resisted. I wanted it slow. I wanted to bring pleasure out of her before I reached mine.
“Please, Carl, I’m gonna come.” She was so responsive to my touch; it never ceased to amaze me. Every time was like the first time but I knew her body so well by now that I recognized exactly where, when and how to touch her to make her come in a blink of an eye or extend our pleasure, sometimes for hours. She knew me as well. For someone so young, she had taught me so much about myself. I had never believed that I could love and be loved in return, but she had changed everything.
“Not now.” I said, my tone raw and passionate.
Her body started to quiver and she substantially increased her movements over me, eager to bring me with her in ecstasy. I felt her muscles tighten around my fingers. I was about to lose control.
“Hey, easy on that.” I gently moved her hand away before it was too late.
“No!” She whined. “I love your cock.” She was panting and moaning, rocking her hips to meet my hand.
“I know. You’ll have it soon.” I said, panting as well. I kept fingering her, slowly, sucking one nipple, and then the other alternatively. She was getting close. I could feel it. Her shattered breath and the rush of moisture in my hand could not lie.
 “Ahhh!” She cried out when she reached the peak of her arousal. She came spectacularly, convulsing under me. Her muscles clenched rhythmically around my fingers and she whimpered at every spasm. I kept caressing her exactly the same way, prolonging her pleasure for as long as I could. This was the hardest moment to remain focused on my task. Nothing is more arousing than the sound of the woman you love crying out with the pleasure you are giving her. There were a few more contractions and she calmed down, sinking back into the mattress with a sigh.
“You’re so good at that.” She looked at me, her eyes still haggard.
"I'll never get tired of pleasing you." My voice was low and heated.
“So now, can I have you?” She said with the most feral tone.
 “Oh yes, you can.” I moved over her, lifting her knees so that they reached her stomach exposing her sex for me to possess. I lowered my hips and marveled at her wetness as my erection touched her swollen flesh. I entered her slowly, feeling every inch to the hilt. She was trapped under me, her long shapely legs hooked over my arms as I pressed them into the mattress. Every inch of her was filled with me. I started to move, leisurely, still feeling the ripples of her recent orgasm. I could barely see her in the darkness of the room, but I knew she was looking at me. Her hands were all over my skin, touching, kneading, claiming me.
I increased the pace. She was so tight around my length, fitted like a fist and I couldn’t get enough. She was moving her hips up to meet my every thrust, whimpering her pleasure. I gave up all control on myself. I pondered into her until her back arched and she cried out my name, convulsing under and around me. She grabbed me so forcefully, it was too much to take. A primal plea escaped my mouth as my whole body shuddered and I gave in to the most intense pleasure. My balls tightened and I pulsed inside her so many times that I stopped counting, propelling my load to her very end.
Panting hard, I released her legs and collapsed on top of her, my face in her neck until my raging breath slowed down. She was caressing the damp skin of my back and trailing butterfly kisses over my shoulder.
“I’ll have to send a thank you note to the Ritz-Carlton; their wake-up call is exquisite.”
“Send one for me too.”
“Do I make it an official correspondence, mister Secretary?”
I chuckled. “We should probably wait and see if we get the same treatment tomorrow.”
She playfully swatted by behind.
“You get that treatment every morning!”
I propped myself on my elbows. “Yes, I’m a lucky man.”
I kissed her, wanting her to feel all the strength of my feelings...

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lights, camera, passion! - Full story

This sexy short story is a deleted scene of one of my upcoming novels. Thanks for sharing it with everyone who may enjoy it. 18+ guys

Lights, camera, passion!
by Edward A. Stanbridge

Disclaimer: The persons, places, things, and otherwise animate or inanimate objects mentioned in this short story are figments of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to anything or anyone living (or dead) is unintentional. 

“I want to feel that these two are falling in love with each other.” The director said as we were visualizing his plan for the scene.

          “I want you to make me feel horny.” I don’t think you need us for that, Clay; your imagination seems to be kinky enough!
“But I don’t want it to be all about mechanic. Don’t show me the goddamn Kama Sutra!”

“I want you to make me hard and I want everybody who watches it to consider jumping the bones of the person sitting next to them, even if it’s a 300 pounds truck driver from Michigan! You understand?” Well, hard and hot, but not porn… what is that supposed to be?

“I think we can do something with that.” I said, not convinced at all that I understood what he wanted.

I looked at Lucas whose sparkling blue eyes were starting to give away that he was thinking about what he intended to do to me.

“I’m up for the challenge.” He said and I wondered if it was just an expression or if he was already turned-on too.

We had been shooting that steamy psychological thriller together for the past three weeks. I had seen Lucas before - he was the star of one of those sexy vampire shows that my best friend Sophie was crazy about - but we had never met. He was adorable, a tall, blond haired, blue eyed Swedish god, but that was not even relevant as to why I liked him. Well, maybe a little.

He was very intelligent, a quality I value a lot in people, and very funny. He was also one hell of an actor. The parts in that movie were so hard to play, I was glad they had casted someone very strong for the leading male role. I would owe him a lot for the final result; he has made my work easier.

Like many people who play intimate scenes in Hollywood, fiction was about to meet reality as we were just minutes from shooting the movie’s main sex scene in which the characters hook-up at the male protagonist’s New York City loft after weeks of unsatisfied lust and give in to their scorching attraction.

The sexual tension that has been building up between Lucas and I since the beginning of the project was about to break loose. I was suspicious that the director had felt the desire grow stronger between us and that he wanted to capitalize on it. He decided to shoot the scene straight up, no rehearsals, just minimal preparation and no cut unless it was really a disaster. He left us on a much closed set, to touch each other for the first time.

I was nervous, excited and plainly aroused to kiss Lucas and to finally get to touch him almost everywhere, even if it was for work. There are some times when you can definitely mix business and pleasure and that was one of those times! 

I had been lusting hard about him for the last two weeks and I had the feeling that he felt the same way. The director had three cameras rolling to get every angle, but he left us free to do whatever we wanted as long as we stayed inside the marks and within the boundaries of a good taste for a mainstream movie.

We were standing behind the door where the scene was set to begin. Lucas was mouth-watering in a navy suit with a white shirt and a silk tie that matched his eyes, very Wall Street style, as his character was supposed to look. 

I was clad in a very tight white mini-dress and perched on five inches fuck-me pumps that screamed for male attention and made my long model legs appear even longer. Even on top of them, I didn't reach Lucas' height. My dark hair was cascading to the middle of my back and the makeup artist had given my blue-gray eyes a perfect smoky look for seduction, leaving my lips bare to prevent unwanted lipstick smudges. 

“I am a little nervous” I confessed.
“I am too.” His low sexy voice vibrated through my chest as he took a step in my direction, closing the gap between us. “Maybe we should just jump.” 

The heat of his body surrounded me and his raw masculine smell put all my senses in alert. Our gazes locked together and his blue irises shimmered with the wicked gleam of a predator’s eyes. He slowly took my face between his hands and brushed his mouth over mine. 

The contrast between the heat of his lips and the freshness of his peppermint breath sent a delicious shiver along my spine. He gave me a slow sexy kiss that could have made the South Pole melt instantly. His lips parted and his tongue traced my bottom lip with a sensual lick. Very willingly, I opened up for him. As we were exploring each other’s mouth, I felt my blood race through my veins and the aching need in my lower belly intensified. All I wanted was to leave with him and lock ourselves up in a closed space. Now!
“I said no rehearsals!” Clay barked about three feet away from us. 

Damn it! I kiss a man for the first time in – I don’t know how long - and I can’t even enjoy it! Lucas and I were both panting, trying to get our senses together. We felt like a couple of teenagers who got caught by their parents. That was uncomfortable. 

“We are ready.” Clay shouted from the set. That was our cue.

The minute our lips locked again, we were alone in our own lustful world. Lucas opened the door and we entered the set apartment, kissing passionately. He backed me against the wall and pressed his strong muscular body flush against mine while he trailed his tongue along my neck.

He pushed his hips forward and I instantly felt that he really was in character, his erection pinning me to the wall. His tongue found mine as his hands skimmed along my seriously horny body. Damn, it feels good!

I hadn’t had sex in a very long time and my raging hormones were back with a vengeance. I had to exert what little control I had left to resist the urge to get down on my knees and suck his cock, something not suitable for a conventional motion picture.

Lucas shrugged out of his suit jacket. He guided me to a console table and lifted me up so I could sit on it. Our kiss was deep, wet, and hot. My blood was burning in my veins, my nipples hardening against the thin fabric that was separating us. He opened the back of my dress, slowly, while delightfully licking my tongue.

He pulled the dress down as he was trailing kisses from my mouth to my ear and then down my neck. Meanwhile, I undid his tie and the buttons of his shirt, running my fingers over his sculpted chest as I went down to his waist. I took his shirt out of his trousers and that gave me access to his toned washboard abs and his finely muscled back to explore, which I happily did, revelling in the feel of his soft honey skin and his heavenly male scent.

To expose my bra, he decided to bring my dress down instead of over my head. It was a clever move because taking it over could have broken the flow of our movements, not to say ruin the hairdresser’s job, but I couldn’t care less at that moment. His warm hands were palming my breasts, making my hard nipples very aware and sending a pulsing current directly to my groin.

Thanks to three weeks of late night snacks with Lucas, I had regained much the weight I had lost after the break-up. My breasts were filling the red lace push up bra and I looked every inch the lingerie model I still was on a regular basis. Lucas unhooked the bra in the blink of an eye with a single hand. He obviously had a lot of practice in the lingerie department, which was promising.

My free breasts ached for his touch. He kept kissing down to my right nipple and I moaned as his lips, then the tip of his tongue touched the sensitive skin. He sucked it gently making it harder and I almost combusted. Humm, definitely R rating!

He took off his shirt, and kissed me again, feverishly, possessing my mouth as he was palming my right breast. He slipped his left hand inside the dress that was still at my waist and grabbed my butt, pulling me closer to him so I could feel his arousal. How are you going to take the dress out, Lucas, I’m curious?

He groaned as I flex my hips and rubbed myself against his erection. I wanted him so bad at this moment; I almost forgot that we were not alone. Besides, the fact that we were watched was somewhat even more exciting. Actors are exhibitionists by definition.

In one swift move, he lifted me and got rid of the dress with his other hand, pulling it from under me and sliding it along my legs. Wow! I’m impressed. With only the shoes and a red lace G-string left, I was still sitting on the edge of the console at the entry of the set apartment. I undid the top button of his pants, opened his fly and slid them down his legs so they fell at his feet. It took me only a second to notice that there was no trace of underwear. He was free.

Because we were on a movie set and not in a real situation, he didn’t wear socks and shoes, so he didn’t have to be over-creative to get out of it without awkward moves. He was naked and gloriously handsome. My hands and my mouth could not get enough of him. Desire was consuming us both as we were getting to more serious things. My panties were still in the way to a plausible full intercourse, however, so he grabbed the front with his full hand to assess his chances of ripping them apart and did just that. Oh my!

“Hold on to me.” He growled.

I wrapped my long legs around him and he lifted me in his arms pressing his full erection directly against my throbbing wet cleft. Oh shit, should I be worried? But humm, that feels good! I was so hot and wanting, he could have screwed me right there and I wouldn’t have protested, even in front of the director and the couple of crew members who were still on the closed set.

Lucas brought us to the large white bed and put a knee on the mattress to elegantly bring us down without breaking the close contact between us. I was under him, my legs still around his hips to keep him close and he started a slow humping movement. We were just half playing the part because his hard cock was sliding against my pounding flesh and his moves were producing a heavenly sensation to both of us. His eyes locked on mine, hungry. 

I couldn’t resist the urge to plant my fingers in his fantastic ass and pull him even closer to me. Then, I was no longer acting. The feeling of his sex against mine and the sweet taste of his skin, of his mouth, made me moan for everyone to hear. Lucas groaned and increased the pace. He was so hard; I could feel the twitching in his cock as he became more and more excited. He stopped kissing me just long enough to whisper in my ear.
“Oh God, you feel so good.”
“Oh yes.” I screamed, only half acting. 
"I'm gonna come all over you." What? That was not in the script.

Suddenly, he shifted and put me on top. He sat so we were nose to nose and I straddled him. I took the lead from there and started to move on him, against him, while looking in his powder blue eyes, our harsh breathing and pleasure pleas filling the room. After a few minutes, his gaze still on mine, I could feel that he was getting as close as I was. I moved faster, grinding against the thick flesh that was enclosed between my wet skin and his rock hard abs. The heat of our bodies, the pure lust of our moves and the sheer pleasure of having an aroused man rocking against me was making my need almost unbearable. He was panting hard, groaning in genuine carnal frenzy.

The pressure of his hard thick length grew stronger, taking me over the edge. I closed my eyes and surrendered to the pleasure. Every muscle of my body clenched rhythmically as my back arched backwards and the flow of sensations washed over me. At the same moment, he grabbed me close and a low groan from the back of his throat put the cherry on top of my orgasm.

I couldn’t tell if he had really enjoyed it as much as I did at first. The wetness between our skins was substantial. Maybe he was just acting? As I regained my senses, I heard him laugh and for a split second I thought that he was laughing at me. Crap! What did I do? But as soon as I opened my eyes, I saw him smile, and then he kissed me tenderly and rubbed my nose with his. I smiled back and hugged him.

“Cut!” We heard from behind the set.
“That was it! Ria, baby, you’re hot as hell!”
“Lucas did most of the job.” I said for everyone to hear.
“Did he? Sorry, dude, nobody looked at you. Ok guys, go rub one out.  Fifteen minutes of break and we shoot close ups.”

Clay seemed very happy with the scene, but all of a sudden, I was not so sure that it was a good idea to have sex in front of the cameras. I felt really naked and out of place. I wrapped myself in one of the bed sheets, still in Lucas’ arms.
“You were great.” He whispered in my ear.
“You too.”
“Sorry, I couldn’t stop, it was just too good.”
“I know.” I mouthed back at him and tousled his hair like people do to a kid. We both laughed.
When the assistant brought both of us a bathrobe, I used the bed sheet to wipe the wet evidence of his satisfaction from my belly.
I was glad to have signed a foolproof contract for that movie which gave me the right to approve or reject every nudity scenes before the film was ever presented. Every actor should do it. Unfortunately, not everybody has that power of negotiation. This time, at least, I didn’t have to exert my veto because the final scene was amazing with very artistic cuts that did not give up what had really been going on. We just looked like really good actors!