Monday, January 13, 2014

Captive in the Storm - Part 5

by Edward A. Stanbridge

Here's part 5 of Allison an Christopher's story. Please share it if you enjoy it and leave a comment.

Disclaimer: The persons, places, things, and otherwise animate or inanimate objects mentioned in this short story are figments of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to anything or anyone living (or dead) is unintentional. The following post contains explicit sexual situations and is not intended for a public under 18 years of age.

Nestled inside of Christopher's arms, I drifted to sleep for an undetermined period of time and woke up with the blissful feeling of being cherished by the man I had always loved. My journey to his castle had taken a turn I would never have expected, but one I had wished upon for so long. I could barely remember a day when I had fallen asleep or awoken without thinking about him. I could not believe that I had been so oblivious to his feelings for me. All those years, we had been madly in love with each other, but I had been too proud to admit it and too afraid to risk rejection. He was right, our story was our own to write and I should never have let my father's actions jeopardize my life and happiness. That bastard had already taken enough from me as it was and he certainly wasn't worth any of the tears I'd shed over him.

Christopher had the regular breathing of a man peacefully asleep after a formidable display of physical prowess. Hummm, five orgasms before breakfast, that's what I call a productive morning! Speaking of which, I'm starving. By the sounds coming from it, his stomach seemed to agree with me, but I could not bring myself to wake him up, so I took the opportunity to check him out a little. His shiny dark brown hair was all messed up in the most beautiful just fucked display I had ever been privy to. I remembered my forceful fisting in it earlier while his mouth was driving me wild and my body instantly reacted to the memory. That mouth, so sensual and eager, his tongue caressing my sensitive flesh, the pleasure sounds coming from both of us... My heartbeat picked up. Seriously, woman, get a grip!

One day with him and I had become an insatiable sex beast. How am I even gonna be able to leave this place and go to work? Will he want to resume his active duty in the company? I could definitely use the help. How are we gonna make this work? So many questions were racing through my mind. Happily ever after, my ass! The story only just begins once the guy says he loves you! How do you reconcile the fairy tale with modern life? My legendary obsession to have everything planned and organized was about to be put to the test. But, on the other hand, the perspective of the unknown was thrilling. I had not had this feeling for a long time, the exalting sensation of jumping from a cliff, the adrenaline rush. He had done that to me before, literally.

When we were still a rather small company, Christopher had planned a rafting excursion as part of a team building activity. I'd been happy to be in. I'm not one to relinquish on trying new experiences, up to the point where the guide told us that we would stop by the shore, climb on top of the cliff and jump in the river 30 ft below. Are you kidding me?! There was no way I could back off with my pride intact. Seriously?! I climb on a chair and I almost shit in my pants! I was petrified, but propelled by nothing else than my threatened ego and my will to prove everyone that I was not a chicken, I’d joined the adrenaline junkies I was working with to the top. I’d cursed myself no less than three thousand times during the ascension, sure that those were the last minutes of my life. Once on top, all those crazy whistles had been happily making the beeline to the edge while I was trying to be the last, so if I was to have a nervous breakdown, at least not the whole company would see my humiliation. Chris had waited till there was only the two of us left with the guide. As with everything, we’d argued and he’d ended up saying that he would not jump without me. Of course, he had pissed me off so much that I’d jumped the cliff just to prove him wrong. At the time, I’d thought that it was just his crazy stubbornness talking, but I now realized that maybe it was something else. He had always pushed me out of my comfort zone, forcing me to grow and become the person I was meant to be. The same thing had happened this weekend.

My hands started to wander leisurely over his broad chest, feeling the ripple of every muscle as they were going south. My eager palms ventured over his strong muscular back, down to his firm buttocks while my mouth was savoring every inch of his silky soft skin. Damn! Can a man’s body scream smoldering sex any more than that? My heart was beating like crazy, as if I was doing something forbidden, but oh so exciting. I was already feeling the tingle and the wetness between my thighs and the hard proof of his appreciation against my lower abdomen. My leg instinctively raised along his thigh, opening myself to him. My desire took a life of its own and driven by the uncontrollable urge towards pleasure, my body started to move against him, slowly rubbing my engorged knob against the thick hard head of his beautiful cock in the most delicious agony. God! I'm such a pervert! See what you've done to me, Christopher Harrington! I was feeling incredibly wanton, pleasing myself against that unconscious sex god, but I seriously doubted that he would disagree with my initiative.

My hips moved closer to his body. His glorious manhood was caged between his taut abdomen and my ravenous wet sex. My tongue was all over him, teasing his nipples, running through his chest hair, my hands claiming his body as mine. The smell of hot sex and powerful male was intoxicating, bringing me closer to bliss. My breath was short, my wetness was making the movements easy and my rock hard nipples were brushing against his stone carved body. I could feel his heat raising and his thick hard length jerking against my throbbing flesh.

"Mmmmm, I thought I was having a wet dream," he breathed, joining me in my humping movement sliding his bulging cock along my slick pussy.
I’d been caught, but I was too much into it to even think about stopping.
"I want you too much," I moaned for all answer. I wanted to feel the heat of his splendid body on mine, his weight pressing me into the mattress, his skin gliding inside me. His hand gripped my hair and his mouth found mine. As he turned me on my back, my legs naturally wrapped around his narrow hips, the close contact amplifying the pressure and the friction against my clit. My hands were tracing arabesques on his back, my legs pulling him to me. Our tongue melted into one another in a slow sensual kiss that completely melted my core, bringing me ever so close to a mind-blowing explosion.
"Take me, now," I panted.
He expertly rolled his hips and the thick head of his hard length pushed against my entrance, leaving me breathless. Every inch of me was his to take and the further he pushed, the more complete I felt.

“My, my. That’s one hungry little pussy we got here,” he chuckled.
“Screw you!” I blushed one brighter shade of red and tried to avoid his gaze. “Are you complaining?” Great! Now I look like a nymphomaniac.
He caught my chin with his index and brought my eyes back to his.
“Oh, I will never complain about that,” he said, leaving a light kiss on my lips. His sensuous mouth twisted into a salacious grin. “And I much prefer screwing you.”  He impaled me inch by inch to make me feel how big and hard he was. “There are so many things I want to do to you, Ally. I want to discover all the ways I can please you and I want to make you come every way you possibly can.” Oh God!
My inside clenched at his sensual words and the promises held within.
“Mmm. See how your body agrees with me? It craves me as much as I crave you. You can take me any way you want me, Baby. Never be ashamed of your desire.”
I nodded, speechless. Damn! I just won the sex lottery!
"You feel so damn good. I could come just feeling you around me," he growled against my ear.
My hands fisted in his hair and my mouth devoured his as he was moving inside me, building our mutual pleasure until I felt the ripples of my impending orgasm over his thick shaft. His eyes locked on mine, dark pools of sapphire filled with lust and tenderness. This intensity alone made my whole body quiver.
"Come with me, Ally," he groaned.
I let the whole wave of sensations submerge me, wailing my release as his grunting fuelled my pleasure. I gripped him so tight; he stopped his course and came loudly inside me, his eyes on mine, his cock pulsing thick hot liquid to my core. Our bodies trembled together, enjoying each instant of this intense connection we were only just starting to give in.

As we both tried to catch our breath, he propped himself on his elbows and looked at me, visibly amused.
“But for now,” he said, kneeling between my thighs, effectively severing the physical link between our two entities. “I’m in much need of a shower and I’m starving after all those morning exertions. Fancy a quick one with me?”
He playfully wiggled his eyebrows and I decided to take him on his double entendre.
“Anywhere anytime, Tiger!” I winked and jumped off the bed, on my way to the en-suite bathroom.
In one stride, he caught me in his strong arms and planted a wet kiss on my cheek.
“I think I’ll soon have to remind you of that,” he said, trailing wet kisses down my neck to my collarbone, making me squirm and giggle in his arms. He scooped me up and brought me in the shower with him.
"Chris! I have to take my underwear off!"
He put me down on my stocking-clad feet; his warm mouth on my neck as he expertly unclasped my bra with two fingers then reverently brought his hands to cup my full breasts. Before I realized what was happening, he had taken my garter belt off and my stocking(s) were rolled down my legs, one after the other.
“There you go,” he said. “We would not want to damage that sexy underwear wouldn’t we?”
Reaching behind me, he started the shower head that was the furthest from us. The warm stream soon filled the enclosed glass space with tropical heat, matching what was going on between us.
“Surely not!” I flashed a proud-kid smile. “That’s the underwear I was wearing when I lost my dungeon virginity. I’m gonna keep it forever.”
He exploded into a roaring laughter. I frowned and took a falsely offended expression, resting my hands on my hips.
“Are you mocking me?”
We moved under the rain shower as he was starting the second one.
“I wouldn’t dare!” he said, dropping a pool of shower gel into his palm and handing me the bottle. “But I think you’re gonna have many many more occasions to wear sexy underwear in the dungeon.” He smiled knowingly, lathering the gel before he started to rub my shoulders. “In fact, I think I will devote a whole budget to buying you the sexiest, most provocative underwear.”

I filled my hand with gel and mirrored his attention on his sculptural body. The heavenly smell filled my nostrils, making me almost giddy.
“I can buy my own underwear, you know?”
I massaged his strong shoulders and perfectly chiselled torso, down to his 8-pack abdomen and that V, so aptly pointing to what could turn my blood into hot lava in a matter of seconds...
“I know, but what about the pleasure I will have to find the perfect balcony to cradle your perfect tits.” He winked as his hands moved to match his words.
“Mmm, I’m starting to see your point.”
“And how about my effort to find the hottest corset to encase your narrow waist and show those incredible hips.”
I suddenly felt self conscious.
“Yeah, you’ll need to choke me to make my fat ass fit into that.”
“You’re not fat, Baby, you’re a woman and real women have curves.”
“I’ll pretend that I believe you, Mr I-date-a-new-model-every-week.”
He sighed.
“Well, I guess I deserve that one.”
“You totally do.”
“However,” he said, grabbing my butt. “None of their skinny asses have ever turned me on like yours do.”
His fingers caressed my nape.
“I never ran my hands in their unruly red curls and not wanted to wash them for the rest of the day because I didn’t want the smell to vanish.”
He nodded, locking his eyes on mine.  
“And I never fell in love with any of them, Ally; I fell in love with you.” I felt a million butterflies dancing in my stomach.
"You're good!"
"I am, am I not?" He smirked and dropped to his knees in front of me, lathering my legs.
"You're such an ass!" I said, playfully.

He put one of my feet on his shoulder, working his way up. One of his hand came between my legs and cupped me intimately, his middle finger parting my fold.
"Mmmmm," he growled. That sound alone was enough to make my knees weak. "That's so fuckin hot to see my cum drip from you."
My breath caught. Damn! It drives me crazy when he talks dirty!
He placed his other hand palm up in front of me and I squirted more shower gel in it. His breathing increased as his fingers gently stroked my swollen flesh and my body immediately leaned into his hands. Oh God, again? It was like the first time we'd been together. The insatiable hunger we had for one another was only temporarily fulfilled by every mind-blowing orgasm and the mere touch of our skin was enough to reignite the fire. I wondered for a moment if we were to consume each other to death like I'd once seen in a late night Japanese movie.

His warm hands roamed over my body, setting me alight once more. His mouth met mine and our tongues danced against one another while I wrapped my arms around his neck to keep myself from fainting. His fingers were languorously spreading thick lather along with the proof of our mutual pleasure over my ever wanting engorged sex.
"There's nothing sexier than the sounds you make when I please you," he said.
"Oh yes." A shiver ran through me as I moaned in approval. "You do that so well." How is he able to put me in such a state of arousal just with a few words... Okay, with his fingers too?! Jeez!
He spun me around in his arms, pressing his spectacular erection against my lower back while his fingers were still working their magic. I leaned in his embrace, feeling surrounded by the strength of his muscular body, the heat of his skin under the warm water and the love I felt for him. His lips were trailing open mouth kisses along my neck and my breath shattered when his tongue traced the shell of my ear, making me tingle everywhere.
"Do you have any idea how much I wanted you all those years, Ally?"
"As much as I want you?"
His free hand cupped one of my breasts, gently rolling my nipple between his thumb and his forefinger. Mmmmm!
"Why? Why were you pushing me away?"
"You know why," I panted as the sensations took over my reason.
"You thought I only wanted to add another notch to my bedpost?"
"I... I guess..." My heart beat was growing faster, the blood flow singing in my ears as he took the lobe in his mouth and sucked.
"It never was just sex between us, Ally."
"No." My knees were getting weaker. I was losing all sense of reality.
"What I felt the first time I saw you, was not in my dick. It was in my heart."
"Liar," I moaned. I felt his lips curl into a smile.
"Okay, both." His fingers were rubbing concentric circles around my pulsating knob.
"Oh Chris, that's so good!"
"I know, Baby, but you've been a very bad girl. Maybe I shouldn't let you come."
What? No!
"That bad?" I asked in a shaking voice I barely recognized.
"Oh yes, very very bad. You broke my heart."
"I... Mmmmm... Sorry."
"Oh you will be," he said, increasing the pressure and the speed of his movements.
"Oh God, Chris!”
"My revenge will be terrible. I've had a long time to plot it." The humor in his tone was perceptible.
"Please, Sir! I promise I'll be good."
"Oh yes, you will or I'm gonna tie you down and keep you on the edge till you beg me for mercy."
My whole body clenched. Oh Dear! I'm gonna end up his sex slave and I want it so much, it hurts.
"Like last night?" I asked, out of breath.
"Yes, Baby, like last night and every night from now on. I want to lose myself inside you for the rest of my life. I'm never gonna let you push me away again, you understand?"
"Did you like what I did to you last night?"
"So much."
"Do you trust me to take care of you? To bring your body and your mind to pleasures you never thought possible?"
"Oh yes, I know you can."
"You're all mine, Ally, body and soul. Say it."
"I'm yours. Oh God, Chris!" I groaned. I was so close.
"Don't come until I tell you, Baby." What? How can I do that? "You understand me?"
"Yesss. How? - Ahhh."
"I'm gonna fuck you really slow now. I want you to feel me. Feel what you do to me, how hard you make me."
“Chris, stop, I’m... Just your voice…”
“Focus, Ally.”

I was so turned on; I would have done anything for him at that moment. He placed both my hands against the shower’s glass wall, each on one side of my head. My breath was shattered and my limbs were trembling with need. The soap had been all rinsed out under the shower and replaced by my natural wetness. He pushed my legs slightly apart and took a firm grip of my hips, tilting them to reach the ideal angle and pushed into me, slowly, one inch at the time, taking it out completely between each thrust. I was feeling my body stretch to accommodate the large head then clasp around his thick shaft.
“Let me hear you, Baby. I want to know everything I make you feel.”
“It’s - ahhh - so good. You fill me so much… so much more…”
“So much more than who?”
“Anyone,” I moaned.
His slow movements in and out were a delicious torture, keeping me permanently on the edge, rubbing my sweet spot in such a perfect way that I should have exploded a long time ago, but I wanted it to last, like he had demanded. I wanted to please him. I wanted him to know that I was willing to try anything he would ask of me and that I could be the woman he needed, in every way. He was taking me so much higher than I thought I could go. I was lost in an ocean of sensations, not racing toward release, but taking it in, letting him take possession of my body and everything else. His hands were caressing every inch of my wet skin, kneading my breasts, squeezing my nipples, going south to circle around my clit, faster, slower, with the sole purpose of keeping me on the brink of the most mind-blowing orgasm until he decided that I could find my release. How can he know my body so well? I shut out every thought that was not us, here and now, giving him complete control.
“Let your body speak to mine,” he whispered in my ear.
“Tingles everywhere…” I moaned. My heart was racing; my blood was singing in my ears, the heat and fog from the shower were making my breath even shorter. My knees felt so weak… “Mmmm… gonna fall…”
“I’ll catch you, Baby… Let it go… Come… now.”

His fingers rubbed against my throbbing clit as he impaled me one last time. My feet left the floor and everything disappeared. I was astride his hips. My only link to the ground was him inside me and my weightless body started thrashing uncontrollably, exhaling my release, crying out a long and troubled plea.
“Ahhhhh!” It was so incredibly liberating. So powerful.
“Fuck!” He groaned, losing his balance. His hand crashed into the glass panel and he clasped one arm around my waist as his teeth sank into my shoulder and a loud groan escaped from his shuddering body.
For a while, both our foreheads rested against the glass panel as we slowly came back to earth. He gently put me down on my wobbly legs, loosening his hold on my hips. I rested against him, not ready to let go.
“If it’s your idea of revenge sex, I’m gonna be bad way more often!” I giggled.
His arms enclosed me like a vise-grip.
“Never leave me again, Ally, I could not take it.”
My heart sank. There was so much pain in his voice. Oh God, what have I done to this man? He held me there, captive in his arms, inhaling deeply. I had no idea what to say. My eyes filled with tears and I swallowed to ease the lump in my throat. I closed my eyes.
“I never want to be apart from you again,” I said with a broken voice. “Ever.”
I suddenly realized that even if we loved each other and were now together, there was some kind of residual pain and sadness that remained, as if the situation had changed too quickly for our emotions to catch up. We would need some time to trust each other and let our new reality sink in.
“Chris I have to go home,” I said before taking a sip of my café au lait.
"You are home here. Now. With me.”
I glanced around to make sure we were alone. At this time of the day, the beautiful breakfast room adjacent to the kitchen was bathed in the sunlight that was coming in by the floor to ceiling windows and garden doors leading to a lovely balcony where breakfast could be taken in the summer.
“I can’t just drop out of my life like that and stay here with you to have crazy good sex all the time!”
“Why not?” A smile slowly traced on his lips. He was certainly enjoying the same x-rated movie that was now playing in my mind.
“Don’t tempt me!” I said, feeling my temperature increase a few degrees. “We have a board meeting tomorrow, remember? I have a pile of reports to read and so do you. You’re coming or you’ll be on the phone as usual?”
I took a bite of my omelet, enjoying the combination of mushrooms, spinach and Swiss cheese with pancetta and shallots that Mrs Lancaster had concocted us. Heaven!
“McAllister has confirmed his presence, I suppose.” Oh Shit, here we go!
Julian McAllister was the CEO of one of the country’s main labor union pension fund(s). He was, by anyone’s standard, an obnoxious chauvinist pig, but also one of our biggest shareholders.
“Yeah, he wouldn’t miss an occasion to treat me like a preschool girl, especially in front of an audience.”
“Definitely, but think how happy you’ll make him if you come back in the business!”
He suddenly looked uncomfortable, his eyes fixed outside.
“Ally, are you sure that’s what you want, I mean, I know what I want. I want you with me all the time, but…”
“I’m not sure of anything anymore.” I sighed. “I came here yesterday, hoping that you would come back and do that hotel project with me, like we used to do in the beginning. I miss working with you.”
“I miss that too, Baby.”
“So will you consider it?” I asked, hopeful.
“I’d love to.”
A veil of sadness suddenly clouded his beautiful eyes.
“Hey, what’s wrong?”
“You know why I had to stay away, right?”
I instantly felt bad. My eyes darted to my unfinished plate, all appetite gone.
“I just thought you were too busy here, with the renovations, but now I understand that it was because of me.”
“It’s not all your fault, Ally,” he said so softly, it was almost a whisper. “Maybe it was both our fault. I should have fought for you. I should have taken you to my dungeon two years ago and made you mine.” He sighed.
My eyes locked to his, looking for answers.
“Why didn’t you do it?” All I needed was one simple word.
“Cause I didn’t want to risk losing you completely. You seemed so sure of yourself. You cut me off like I was a piece of junk, just when I was about to… Nevermind.”
He pushed to his feet and took his plate to the adjacent kitchen.
“Chris?” What was he about to do? I suddenly remembered him mentioning the M word earlier this morning... Shit! Was he really going to propose?
I stood and followed him hurriedly. I hadn’t taken more than ten steps when I saw him coming back to the breakfast room.

“I’m sorry, Baby,” he said engulfing me in his arms. “I overreacted.”
“I’m sorry too.” I wrapped my arms around him and hugged tight, resting my head against his strong chest. “We’re gonna have to stop living in the past if we want to make it.”
His fingers tangled in my hair and his mouth searched for mine.
“I love you,” he whispered before our lips touched. He traced my bottom lip with his tongue, sending an electric charge through my whole body as he entered my mouth, slowly recreating the delicious sensation of the lovemaking we had done earlier. Mmmmm
I opened for him and he fervently took the invitation, deepening our kiss as one of his hands moved down my back to take a firm hold of my behind and press me to him. The bulge in his jeans was already evident and I moaned in appreciation, running my hands all over his chest and wrapping my arms around his neck. He lifted me from the ground with one arm, as if I was as light as a feather and we moved to the kitchen. I was lost in him, savoring his tongue gently stroking mine and the knowledge that I was able to do that to his body. I became aware that he had sat me on a hard surface.
“How about we start over and just forget what happened before?" he said, running his open mouth along my jaw, letting out short hot breathes that made squirm.
“When you kiss me like that, I forget everything.”
“And I happen to know that you’re not wearing any panties,” he said with that carnal tone that was instantly making me wet. Not that I wasn’t from the moment his tongue brushed my lips. I felt one of his hands sneak between my legs, under my skirt. I looked around, conscious that we were not alone in the castle.
“Not here,” I whispered. “I don’t want Mrs Lancaster to catch us while we’re christening the kitchen island.” Just then, I realized that the island was probably not at his first display of naughtiness. “Well, I meant for my part…”
His blue eyes, dark with desire bore into mine and I felt the world tilt under me.
“You’re the only one I’ve fucked in this kitchen, Baby, don’t sweat it.” His hand sneaked higher, parting my thighs and my breath caught. “But for now, how about I take you downstairs, where no one will hear you scream?” Oh God! We’re going back to the dungeon!

To be continued...