Friday, September 26, 2014

Captive in the Storm - Prequel

by Edward A. Stanbridge

Here's the prequel of Allison an Christopher's story. Please share it if you enjoy it and leave a comment.

Disclaimer: The persons, places, things, and otherwise animate or inanimate objects mentioned in this short story are figments of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to anything or anyone living (or dead) is unintentional. The following post contains explicit sexual situations and is not intended for a public under 18 years of age.

Darkness had fallen over the City. We were still in my associate’s office, on a conference call with American investors; negotiations had been dragging for two hours and I was growing impatient. I undid my hairclip and let the fiery locks fall over my shoulders, while massaging the back of my neck to ease the stiffness in my muscles as a result of a fifteen hour work day and the closeness of the man who had haunted my dirtiest fantasies since our first day of college. Christopher Harrington, tall, dark, handsome... inaccessible.

Seeing him at his very best, fervently pitching our project development skills, pacing the wide contemporary decorated space, his tie undone, his shirt sleeves rolled up to his forearms, I was so desperately hot for him that I couldn’t help shifting in my chair. In the last few weeks, we’d been teasing each other more and more boldly and I was playing along. For him, it was just a game. Most women became a puddle of goo at his feet without him making an effort and I had always taken pride in being the one who wouldn’t be at his beck and call. I think that’s why we’d become friends and later associates. I saw his game but it didn’t mean that I didn’t feel my heartbeat between my thighs every time I caught his eyes lingering over my legs. Legs that I took care of exposing as much as decently possible in a work environment, making sure that my skirt rode high up my thighs when I sat and crossed my legs so he could get glimpse of my garter belt.

He had eyes the color of the ocean in Maui and by the end of the conference call; they were focussed solely on me, their hue turned darker, as if a storm was raging behind them. My breath grew shorter, my blood pumped faster. I could feel his eyes on me as if he were slowly caressing along my calf up my thigh, between them. Oh God! I’m sure he’s good with his mouth. I noticed the swelling at the front of his trousers and had to bite my bottom lip to stifle a moan. My nipples became hard pebbles brushing against the lace of my bra every time my chest rose and fell. I couldn’t keep my eyes off him, unable to concentrate on the other speakers. It was just him; his low, self-assured voice, his intoxicating masculine smell, his muscular body and the aching need between my legs that nearly had me reach inside my saturated panties to please myself in front of him.

I had to get out of that office. I couldn’t play his game when I was so turned on I couldn’t see straight.
“Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. As always, it’s been a pleasure,” said our American investor.
“See you in two months in Berlin, I’ll have the updated blueprints sent to you by the end of the week,” Christopher replied.
“Looking forward to it.”
As soon as they hung up, I grabbed my files and bolted to the door.
I froze. His tone was strong and commanding, making my whole body tingle.
“I have to go… it’s late.”

I took another step towards the door. As I reached for the doorknob, he came behind me, his arms on both sides, effectively trapping me against the dark wooden door. His strong hands skimmed my generous curves, their heat setting my skin on fire.
“Don’t go,” he breathed in my ear. “You want this.”
This is it, the moment I’ve dreamed about for so long. Oh shit!
A part of me wanted to protest that I didn’t like to be a foregone conclusion, but he knew he was right. I’d wanted him to take me for as long as I’d known him. His mouth found my neck and he started nibbling his way up and down, pushing his erection against my ass. I pushed back to show him how much I wanted it, how much I’d always wanted him, and moaned as he palmed my full breasts.
“You want to feel me inside you. Say it.”
He raised my skirt and slid his hand inside my panties. His fingers found the pulsating nub and circled around it, applying delicious pressure.
“You’re so wet,” he growled, continuing his exquisite torture. “Tell me what you want.”
I couldn’t form a word. I was already tethering on the edge. His movements slowed down.
“Say it Ally or I’ll stop.”
“Fuck me Chris… please fuck me now,” I moaned. I knew I would be horrified at that statement later, but for the moment, I couldn’t care less. I couldn’t go another minute without him inside me.

His hand grabbed the front of my panties and the seams snapped under the pressure. He spun me around, his lips crashing to mine and my files crashing to the floor. He fisted both hands in my hair and we shared our first kiss, passionate and breathtaking. I ached for him. My palpitating flesh clenched as he pushed two fingers inside me and his tongue invaded my mouth.

I undid his belt and worked my way around the button and fly of his trousers as he kissed and bit my neck. Taking him in my hand, I almost combusted when I realized that I couldn’t close my fingers around him. He wrapped one of my legs around his waist and teased my clit with the hard head of his cock, spreading my arousal along my cleft. Slowly, he entered the first inch inside my pulsating heat, giving me time to adjust to the sensation of fullness. I wanted more. I wanted all of him. I grabbed his firm ass and I pulled him inside me completely, digging my nails into his taunt muscles, crying out at the overwhelming pleasure I felt from having him fill me after fantasizing about it almost every time I’d pleased myself, for years.

His rhythm was slow at first. One of his hands held my ass to keep me steady while he rubbed my clit with the other, circling around the sensitive knot at a pace that brought me to the edge in no time. I fisted one hand in his hair, maintaining him in a firm grip so he couldn’t stop kissing me and the other grabbed his fantastic ass, pulling him into me harder and faster.

I had never been so turned on in my entire life, desperate for more and not wanting it to stop. Christopher nibbled at my jaw. I opened my eyes and saw our reflection in the floor to ceiling windows with the City glowing in background. My muscles clenched tight and my body quivered as if it was ravaged by an earthquake so intense, all life would be annihilated from the surface of the earth. A loud scream left my mouth without my consent and I gripped Christopher’s shoulders for dear life while he kept pounding into me. I’d never had an orgasm so strong.

He didn’t let me catch my breath before he turned around, still inside me. He took decisive steps toward his desk and cleared it in one swift move. Papers and files spread over the floor, a glass of water disintegrated against the window, but my ass landed on the dark walnut surface as softly as if it was posed on plush white duvet. Soon, I was sprawled on his desk and he took me again with renewed energy. He grabbed each lapel of my shirt and the buttons flew across the room, revealing my sheer black bra. He brought the cups down under my breasts, pushing them up, kissing and sucking before he took a protruding nipple between his teeth and grazed it. I groaned and pulled him inside with the heels of my fuck-me pumps. They lived up to their name, for once.

Christopher righted himself and put both of my ankles over his left shoulder, changing the angle and hitting that perfect spot deep inside. Our eyes locked for the first time since we had started and it was almost enough to make me come again.
“Of Fuck, Ally. You have no idea,” he groaned.
“Chris! Oh, God, Chris!”

I felt him swell, leaving almost no space for him to move, but I was so wet, so close... Nothing had ever felt so good... I was losing my mind. His grunting and my cries echoed against the glass barrier that kept us from the world below. The sound of his balls smashing against my ass, of flesh on flesh, my wet heat enveloping his hard, swollen length; the smell of sweat mixed with mind-blowing sex and his eyes always focussed on me, sent my body and my mind into a whirl of sensation.
“Come for me Baby,” he groaned.

The beauty of his face tortured by the pleasure I was giving him was the final push that sent me over the edge. I grabbed my nipples tight and pinched as my back arched toward him and an incoherent scream meant to be his name came out of my mouth. He came so hard, I felt it. Every hot spurt hitting my cervix sent another spasm through my body and I took everything he had to give to me. He collapsed on top of me, panting, and rested his head between my heaving breasts. I could still feel him throbbing as our heartbeat slowly came back to normal.

At that moment, I knew I could no longer deny what I’d been purposefully lying to myself about for so long. I loved this man. Oh, shit! This is gonna hurt.