Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lights, camera, passion! - Full story

This sexy short story is a deleted scene of one of my upcoming novels. Thanks for sharing it with everyone who may enjoy it. 18+ guys

Lights, camera, passion!
by Edward A. Stanbridge

Disclaimer: The persons, places, things, and otherwise animate or inanimate objects mentioned in this short story are figments of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to anything or anyone living (or dead) is unintentional. 

“I want to feel that these two are falling in love with each other.” The director said as we were visualizing his plan for the scene.

          “I want you to make me feel horny.” I don’t think you need us for that, Clay; your imagination seems to be kinky enough!
“But I don’t want it to be all about mechanic. Don’t show me the goddamn Kama Sutra!”

“I want you to make me hard and I want everybody who watches it to consider jumping the bones of the person sitting next to them, even if it’s a 300 pounds truck driver from Michigan! You understand?” Well, hard and hot, but not porn… what is that supposed to be?

“I think we can do something with that.” I said, not convinced at all that I understood what he wanted.

I looked at Lucas whose sparkling blue eyes were starting to give away that he was thinking about what he intended to do to me.

“I’m up for the challenge.” He said and I wondered if it was just an expression or if he was already turned-on too.

We had been shooting that steamy psychological thriller together for the past three weeks. I had seen Lucas before - he was the star of one of those sexy vampire shows that my best friend Sophie was crazy about - but we had never met. He was adorable, a tall, blond haired, blue eyed Swedish god, but that was not even relevant as to why I liked him. Well, maybe a little.

He was very intelligent, a quality I value a lot in people, and very funny. He was also one hell of an actor. The parts in that movie were so hard to play, I was glad they had casted someone very strong for the leading male role. I would owe him a lot for the final result; he has made my work easier.

Like many people who play intimate scenes in Hollywood, fiction was about to meet reality as we were just minutes from shooting the movie’s main sex scene in which the characters hook-up at the male protagonist’s New York City loft after weeks of unsatisfied lust and give in to their scorching attraction.

The sexual tension that has been building up between Lucas and I since the beginning of the project was about to break loose. I was suspicious that the director had felt the desire grow stronger between us and that he wanted to capitalize on it. He decided to shoot the scene straight up, no rehearsals, just minimal preparation and no cut unless it was really a disaster. He left us on a much closed set, to touch each other for the first time.

I was nervous, excited and plainly aroused to kiss Lucas and to finally get to touch him almost everywhere, even if it was for work. There are some times when you can definitely mix business and pleasure and that was one of those times! 

I had been lusting hard about him for the last two weeks and I had the feeling that he felt the same way. The director had three cameras rolling to get every angle, but he left us free to do whatever we wanted as long as we stayed inside the marks and within the boundaries of a good taste for a mainstream movie.

We were standing behind the door where the scene was set to begin. Lucas was mouth-watering in a navy suit with a white shirt and a silk tie that matched his eyes, very Wall Street style, as his character was supposed to look. 

I was clad in a very tight white mini-dress and perched on five inches fuck-me pumps that screamed for male attention and made my long model legs appear even longer. Even on top of them, I didn't reach Lucas' height. My dark hair was cascading to the middle of my back and the makeup artist had given my blue-gray eyes a perfect smoky look for seduction, leaving my lips bare to prevent unwanted lipstick smudges. 

“I am a little nervous” I confessed.
“I am too.” His low sexy voice vibrated through my chest as he took a step in my direction, closing the gap between us. “Maybe we should just jump.” 

The heat of his body surrounded me and his raw masculine smell put all my senses in alert. Our gazes locked together and his blue irises shimmered with the wicked gleam of a predator’s eyes. He slowly took my face between his hands and brushed his mouth over mine. 

The contrast between the heat of his lips and the freshness of his peppermint breath sent a delicious shiver along my spine. He gave me a slow sexy kiss that could have made the South Pole melt instantly. His lips parted and his tongue traced my bottom lip with a sensual lick. Very willingly, I opened up for him. As we were exploring each other’s mouth, I felt my blood race through my veins and the aching need in my lower belly intensified. All I wanted was to leave with him and lock ourselves up in a closed space. Now!
“I said no rehearsals!” Clay barked about three feet away from us. 

Damn it! I kiss a man for the first time in – I don’t know how long - and I can’t even enjoy it! Lucas and I were both panting, trying to get our senses together. We felt like a couple of teenagers who got caught by their parents. That was uncomfortable. 

“We are ready.” Clay shouted from the set. That was our cue.

The minute our lips locked again, we were alone in our own lustful world. Lucas opened the door and we entered the set apartment, kissing passionately. He backed me against the wall and pressed his strong muscular body flush against mine while he trailed his tongue along my neck.

He pushed his hips forward and I instantly felt that he really was in character, his erection pinning me to the wall. His tongue found mine as his hands skimmed along my seriously horny body. Damn, it feels good!

I hadn’t had sex in a very long time and my raging hormones were back with a vengeance. I had to exert what little control I had left to resist the urge to get down on my knees and suck his cock, something not suitable for a conventional motion picture.

Lucas shrugged out of his suit jacket. He guided me to a console table and lifted me up so I could sit on it. Our kiss was deep, wet, and hot. My blood was burning in my veins, my nipples hardening against the thin fabric that was separating us. He opened the back of my dress, slowly, while delightfully licking my tongue.

He pulled the dress down as he was trailing kisses from my mouth to my ear and then down my neck. Meanwhile, I undid his tie and the buttons of his shirt, running my fingers over his sculpted chest as I went down to his waist. I took his shirt out of his trousers and that gave me access to his toned washboard abs and his finely muscled back to explore, which I happily did, revelling in the feel of his soft honey skin and his heavenly male scent.

To expose my bra, he decided to bring my dress down instead of over my head. It was a clever move because taking it over could have broken the flow of our movements, not to say ruin the hairdresser’s job, but I couldn’t care less at that moment. His warm hands were palming my breasts, making my hard nipples very aware and sending a pulsing current directly to my groin.

Thanks to three weeks of late night snacks with Lucas, I had regained much the weight I had lost after the break-up. My breasts were filling the red lace push up bra and I looked every inch the lingerie model I still was on a regular basis. Lucas unhooked the bra in the blink of an eye with a single hand. He obviously had a lot of practice in the lingerie department, which was promising.

My free breasts ached for his touch. He kept kissing down to my right nipple and I moaned as his lips, then the tip of his tongue touched the sensitive skin. He sucked it gently making it harder and I almost combusted. Humm, definitely R rating!

He took off his shirt, and kissed me again, feverishly, possessing my mouth as he was palming my right breast. He slipped his left hand inside the dress that was still at my waist and grabbed my butt, pulling me closer to him so I could feel his arousal. How are you going to take the dress out, Lucas, I’m curious?

He groaned as I flex my hips and rubbed myself against his erection. I wanted him so bad at this moment; I almost forgot that we were not alone. Besides, the fact that we were watched was somewhat even more exciting. Actors are exhibitionists by definition.

In one swift move, he lifted me and got rid of the dress with his other hand, pulling it from under me and sliding it along my legs. Wow! I’m impressed. With only the shoes and a red lace G-string left, I was still sitting on the edge of the console at the entry of the set apartment. I undid the top button of his pants, opened his fly and slid them down his legs so they fell at his feet. It took me only a second to notice that there was no trace of underwear. He was free.

Because we were on a movie set and not in a real situation, he didn’t wear socks and shoes, so he didn’t have to be over-creative to get out of it without awkward moves. He was naked and gloriously handsome. My hands and my mouth could not get enough of him. Desire was consuming us both as we were getting to more serious things. My panties were still in the way to a plausible full intercourse, however, so he grabbed the front with his full hand to assess his chances of ripping them apart and did just that. Oh my!

“Hold on to me.” He growled.

I wrapped my long legs around him and he lifted me in his arms pressing his full erection directly against my throbbing wet cleft. Oh shit, should I be worried? But humm, that feels good! I was so hot and wanting, he could have screwed me right there and I wouldn’t have protested, even in front of the director and the couple of crew members who were still on the closed set.

Lucas brought us to the large white bed and put a knee on the mattress to elegantly bring us down without breaking the close contact between us. I was under him, my legs still around his hips to keep him close and he started a slow humping movement. We were just half playing the part because his hard cock was sliding against my pounding flesh and his moves were producing a heavenly sensation to both of us. His eyes locked on mine, hungry. 

I couldn’t resist the urge to plant my fingers in his fantastic ass and pull him even closer to me. Then, I was no longer acting. The feeling of his sex against mine and the sweet taste of his skin, of his mouth, made me moan for everyone to hear. Lucas groaned and increased the pace. He was so hard; I could feel the twitching in his cock as he became more and more excited. He stopped kissing me just long enough to whisper in my ear.
“Oh God, you feel so good.”
“Oh yes.” I screamed, only half acting. 
"I'm gonna come all over you." What? That was not in the script.

Suddenly, he shifted and put me on top. He sat so we were nose to nose and I straddled him. I took the lead from there and started to move on him, against him, while looking in his powder blue eyes, our harsh breathing and pleasure pleas filling the room. After a few minutes, his gaze still on mine, I could feel that he was getting as close as I was. I moved faster, grinding against the thick flesh that was enclosed between my wet skin and his rock hard abs. The heat of our bodies, the pure lust of our moves and the sheer pleasure of having an aroused man rocking against me was making my need almost unbearable. He was panting hard, groaning in genuine carnal frenzy.

The pressure of his hard thick length grew stronger, taking me over the edge. I closed my eyes and surrendered to the pleasure. Every muscle of my body clenched rhythmically as my back arched backwards and the flow of sensations washed over me. At the same moment, he grabbed me close and a low groan from the back of his throat put the cherry on top of my orgasm.

I couldn’t tell if he had really enjoyed it as much as I did at first. The wetness between our skins was substantial. Maybe he was just acting? As I regained my senses, I heard him laugh and for a split second I thought that he was laughing at me. Crap! What did I do? But as soon as I opened my eyes, I saw him smile, and then he kissed me tenderly and rubbed my nose with his. I smiled back and hugged him.

“Cut!” We heard from behind the set.
“That was it! Ria, baby, you’re hot as hell!”
“Lucas did most of the job.” I said for everyone to hear.
“Did he? Sorry, dude, nobody looked at you. Ok guys, go rub one out.  Fifteen minutes of break and we shoot close ups.”

Clay seemed very happy with the scene, but all of a sudden, I was not so sure that it was a good idea to have sex in front of the cameras. I felt really naked and out of place. I wrapped myself in one of the bed sheets, still in Lucas’ arms.
“You were great.” He whispered in my ear.
“You too.”
“Sorry, I couldn’t stop, it was just too good.”
“I know.” I mouthed back at him and tousled his hair like people do to a kid. We both laughed.
When the assistant brought both of us a bathrobe, I used the bed sheet to wipe the wet evidence of his satisfaction from my belly.
I was glad to have signed a foolproof contract for that movie which gave me the right to approve or reject every nudity scenes before the film was ever presented. Every actor should do it. Unfortunately, not everybody has that power of negotiation. This time, at least, I didn’t have to exert my veto because the final scene was amazing with very artistic cuts that did not give up what had really been going on. We just looked like really good actors!